Rain rain go away!!

Well guys and gals, I was going to run tomorrow morning, but I'm going to leave it till Weds now as heavy rain is forecast, and I don't want to spend the day feeling soggy at work! The current plan for week 8 is run 1 on Weds am, run 2 on Friday and run 3 on Sunday.

Need to try out my new Aldi running top! It's very skin tight. I look really silly :-) but when did that ever bother me?!

Anyway, bed time for me. Sleep tight all, run well! Though not in your sleep, that may not end well :P


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14 Replies

  • Ooo, no....soggy at work would t be nice at all!! It’s chucking it down here at the moment so it looks like it’s gonna be a soggy day everywhere today....I’m going to pop to Aldi today n see if they’ve got any running gear left....whoever read Oldfloss’s post last night before bed may have dreamt about running in a beautiful place....it was like a story from jackanory!! 😊

    And fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow as I shall be running too 😀

  • Yes I read Oldfloss' post too, sounds divine doesn't it? Makes me quite sad as well, before my marriage breakup just over a year ago, I lived in a lovely house right by the sea. Though the scenery round where I live now is beautiful, I really miss the wide open feel of looking out over the waves. And the promenade would have been perfect for running too!

    I hope your run goes really well tomorrow. I picked up from your posts that you've had a few difficult runs recently, but no pressure. You've already proved you can do this! You'll be doing ultra-marathons before you know it!!

  • Ooo,....marathons, yikes!! Maybe 20 years ago had I kept in my athleticism from school...?!! I would absolutely love to live by the sea...when I win the lottery that’s the first thing I’ll biy, somewhere with a sea view!! Sorry to hear about your marriage break up....life eh??

  • Hope you slept well :) We are all out there tomorrow! :)

  • I did...a very peaceful sleep!! Forecast is def a better day tomorrow......😊

  • Sounds like a very good plan, Neil. 👏 I don't mind running in rain - but heavy rain can be annoying! Do some knee strengthening exercises tonight though, won't you buddy? 😘

  • Morning Sadie-runs, how are you this fine sunny morning? *looks outside* Oh, wait... made the right decision about not running.

    No time for anything I'm afraid yesterday, Monday was my busy day, out from 6:45am, straight to a church thing after finishing work, then finally got home about 10:15pm. The only thing I feel like then is a cup of tea and bed! Mondays are insane. Mostly good-insane, but insane nonetheless.

    I do, however, have a free evening, so I do intend to do some more knee stuff, you know, because I probably *kneed* it... (sorry!!!)

    Still, I have my bargain basement Aldi running top to try out tomorrow. That should scare any cyclists of the path!!

    Have a good day, and congratulations on nearly being a graduate (just seen your other post!)

    Neil x

  • Morning Neil!

    I am heading out tomorrow too.. not soggy here, but I am giving my legs an extra day's rest and stretching exercises... after the 7K! A bit of extra work on my calf as well!

    Very well done you.... it is set to be fair on Wednesday so I shall be out too, but my scheduled run ( on the revisited 10K programme) is just 3.5K.. so i shall be across my fields... back home from the coast until next week :)

    Enjoy your lovely run..now they are getting longer for you, you can relax into them, and begin to let your legs just take you forward... keep it steady and enjoy the feeling :)

    You are doing brilliantly!

  • Thanks Oldfloss, it's felt like a bit of a battle this past couple of weeks or so, what with the knee thing going on, but at least I know I can still run. The longer runs are great actually, I'm enjoying feeling like I'm actually a real runner. I never thought I'd say that about me!

    I really hope you have a great run tomorrow, it's always great to read your run reports, so well-written and evocative.

    Anyway, none of this is getting my work done, so I'll sign off for now. Have a great day :)

  • I’ve run to work before and managed a full wash in the sink and just tied my hair up. As long as you have everything in a bag at work you should be fine...

  • Running in the rain is fun?

  • I did some of my earlier runs in the rain, which when you're running from home, is fine. Pop in, shower, dry clothes, no problem! At work with no shower facilities and limited it's more difficult... anyway, another day's rest will do me the world of good! :)

  • Agreed that is tricky!!

  • That should have read "limited time"... but you get the idea. Never mind - tomorrow is supposed to be fine (ok - not raining) first thing here, so hoping to get my first W8 run in before work.

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