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Frustrated doesn't come close


I've posted here recently regarding the pain in my knees i've been experiencing since my 3rd run of week 2 on Sunday. I ended up putting it down to the fact i've been inactive for many years & it was to be expected, so had a longer rest period. Tonight i felt ready to go out again, the aching ive felt today was much less so than earlier this week. thought i'd ease back in with another week 2 run before going up to week 3 on saturday.

How wrong was i. I did my warm up, again, bit achey but manageable. I took my 1st 2 steps of a slow jog and knew immediately this wasn't going to happen. My knees felt like they were being smashed with a baseball bat.

If someone asked me to point to where the pain is i would point to just below the kneecap.

I'm so so so frustrated. I have 10k to jog in June. I really have enjoyed weeks 1 & 2 and i desperate to get going again. These past few days at work have been stressfuk and i'm really feeling miserable!!

Is this really normal? I'm struggling to understand how, if it is, how its possible to run through it.

Or... is this an injury?? I'm struggling to work out how i can be 'injured' so early on. I feel a bit pathetic if I'm classed as injured!!!

Or.......underlying problem?? I doubt it is, but right now the thought is running through my head.


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Go to the Doctor.


I badly hurt both my knees after the first two weeks and had to take three weeks off. Go to the doctor, ask for some Naproxen (NSAID that is safer to take over a longer period) and ask for an Xray to check for any arthritis, bone spurs etc. Then rest til they feel better. Once you're running again, use knee straps (under the knee sort) and run SLOWLY! I have been fine since my injury and my slightly arthritic knees are feeling stronger than they have been for years. Good luck!!


Best to seek medical advise at yr local gp or a sports physio don't take any chances if it doesn't feel any better after rest etc

I feel for you , I suffered with a knee injury but that didn't hurt when I ran , physio sorted me in the end.

there could be any number of causes so to allay your fears etc best to find out goid or bad .

Fingers crossed for you

This is by no means medical advice and you should probably go to the docs. However I am about 4st overweight and have been inactive for years, weeks 2 & 3 my knees were absolute agony and I was struggling to even walk, I got through it with the the help of ibuprofen!!! Started Week 4 and was dreading the pain starting up again but on my third run since Saturday and have been absolutely fine.

Hopefully it's nothing serious and you get sorted 😊😊


Really sorry to hear that. What sort of shoes are you wearing?

Have you considered gait analysis to check for any misalignment issues?

I wondered about your running shoes too. It would be great if it was that simple and gait analysis and the correct shoes sorted you out... but it does seem like a trip to the doc will be necessary :(

Good luck. Sorry for your pain.

Please don't try to run through knee pain. The pain is there to alert you to an inflammation or injury and to tell you to rest. I do know how frustrating it is but you must let the knees heal before you run. The knee straps mentioned above are patella straps which go around the calf just under the knee cap and are fastened with velcro. I run with them on both legs and got mine online from amazon. A lot of different issues could be causing the pain, including how your foot lands and the alignment of your hips and knees. I had frontal knee pain and it took 2 weeks to heal, helped by rest from running, a knee brace when out and about, daily exercises which I still do, cycling and easing back into the run.


No. that kind of pain is not normal. As others have said - enjoy the fact we live in a country with "free" medical care and go see your doctor.

Hi all.

Thanks for the advice. Coming to terms with the fact this might not be so straight forward & i wont be back out there as soon as i'd like to be!

I do have running shoes however a lot of people have advised gait analysis so i'm going to have one done tomorrow. Hopefully they'll pick up on something and fit me out properly. I know i still have to rest til the pain goes but what can i do in the meantime to keep fitness levels? I have a weird phobia of swimming pools and the sea (dont ask). I walk the dog every day but he's a sniffer and we barely have 5 steps before he wants to stop to sniff!

These bandages - are they worthwhile? I'm not clued up on this stuff so forgive my ignorance but what exactly do they help with?

Just rang docs, i can either book a face to face appmt for THREE weeks' time or wait til Monday afternoon to speak with a GP on the phone. 😑 i booked a phone appointment but i expect they'll want to do an examination, god knows how long i'll be waiting for that.

Thanks again


fatbarry in reply to stephhxo

3 weeks??!! That is shocking! Can you change GP?

Yep, 3 weeks! They have some 'same day' appointments that you have to ring up for at 8am but they tend to reserve them for more urgent cases. I would hate to take one of those slots knowing that there's probably someone in a lot more need than I am!

I'm out in somerset and the only other GP's tend to be village ones and they're bursting at the seams also!

Really frustrating but what can you do!


I am having the same problem. I got to week 3 and got runners knee. It is so frustrating!!

I have been to see a sports physio and she gave me exercises to do. I've bought a knee brace and I have been icing my knee. It's been a month now and it's still sore!

Like you I have a 5k to complete in the summer but it's not looking like I'll manage it. 😂

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