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Come rain or shine..... I now consider myself a runner! (Week 7, Run 1)

Today I watched the grey clouds gather as I did my stretches and sorted my iPhone. I decided to use and my own music, with MapMyWalk set to give a time & pace check every 5 minutes. Running without Laura was a little scary, but I really wanted to listen to my own music. Just as MapMyWalk told me I had been going for 5 minutes (so it was time to run), the rain really started. I was wearing my husband's waterproof because its lighter weight than mine, and I had to pull the hood up over my woolly hat because it was raining so hard!

I thought about heading home again, then I thought its only 25 minutes, then I can warm up again in the shower. If I avoid running in rain its going to be a bit limiting through the winter right? And the treadmill is just not for me. Part of my enjoyment is being outside after being indoors all day. Seeing all the changes in nature, the fluffy calves in the field, the horses watching me go by, it all keeps me going.

So I kept on, listening to my own music, remembering to add 5 minutes to the end of my time to allow for the 5 minutes I walked at the start.

I completed my run at the quickest pace so far! I don't know if it was the music, or getting home out of the rain, but whatever it was my time was the fastest yet. I covered my route faster, ending up with running up the hill that is usually my cool down walking part. I will soon have to change my route!

I felt much better about this run today. I thought to myself as I ran, I must be a runner now. I'm now one of the people I used to see running and think "What are they doing? It's pouring with rain....! Are they mad?"

Not mad - well maybe a little :-P Just enjoying getting out there, getting fitter, losing weight, getting a little faster each time. Thank you Laura and C25k. And everyone here too, for making this such a lovely place to come. So good to have people to chat to who understand the need to run!

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Sounds like a great run! The rain is good fun too, huh? (once you get used to it!). I agree, seeing the progress run on run really is motivating and such a good feeling! Once I've recovered I always want to get straight back out there!

I am still too loyal to Laura to leave her behind though, but I can't wait until the end of next week and I can make my own playlist! yay!


Great run arablue! Sounds like you had a blast today! I think we're all turning into those crazy people we used to gawp at speeding by. I know I'm pleased to be one of them now :) Good luck with the rest of week 7 :)


Arablue, sounds like such a wonderful run for you and yes, you are a runner! I'm wanting to check into jog.FM sounds like something I may enjoy. Keep running and keep posting!


Fantastic, Arablue!!! A great run like you had today is an incredible motivator!! You are indeed a runner!!! Why is it so hard for everyone to believe that???? You just ran 25 minutes in the pouring rain...YOU ARE A RUNNER!!!!


Thanks everyone. I did indeed have a good run and do now consider myself a runner. I'm only on week 7, but I do feel like a runner.

The determination and stamina I found while doing the first 25 minutes, then doing my second in the rain have been great. I'm having such fun too!

Sometimes, my legs ache, I'm tired and grumpy, I can't wait for it to be over..... But I always feel fantastic afterwards! :P


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