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Rain rain rain

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Hi guys just finished week one today and got a bit of a surprise . I was sitting in my office getting ready for my third run of week one and of course the weather was just awful. So there I was thinking I’d put it off for the next day, checked the weather forecast and of course ..... rain for the next few days. I had a dilemma !! Do I go or do I wait for the next clear day ?! So I rang my friend who does iron man and is really supporting me on my quest to get my fitness back on track ( I’m 52 I smoke , I’m 11 stone ... get the picture ?) thinking she would let me off the hook and say no it’s really bad out there just wait for a few days . No !! She said suck it up and do your run!!!

So I went . Howling wind and horizontal rain and freezing . AND I LOVED IT !! When I finished I felt I had climbed Everest , been on an adventure, found the holy grail !! It was amazing . For some people it might not sound much but I know there are a lot of people out there who need that iron man training friend out there to tell you to suck it up and get on with it as one excuse just leads to another .

I just thought I would share this with you to inspire you to just do it even when you really do t want to . You may be surprised and surprise yourselves.

Wish me luck for week 2. I know it isn’t always going to be so inspiring and I will be looking to you all for support when it’s rough 😅

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Sounds like a big deal to me... you’d probably have been happy not running, and maybe sitting the rain out for the next few days too... but you didn’t. You called a friend who’s crazy enough to cycle and run wet as a preference (😂) so there was only ever gonna be one answer right? If you really didn’t wanna run you’d have called someone who’d have said “in this weather? Are you bonkers?” We all have those friends. So, you went out and had an amazing experience today... and that is a big moment, the first time you really love this makes you want that feeling again, and you’ll get it many times in your running life. Now, you will always remember this run... and yeah, the next run may be rough... but the memory of today’s run and how great it felt to complete it will come to you on demand, and be a great source of strength when you need it. So.. great great run and moment today. You don’t need luck for week 2, you just need to go get that feeling you had today. Good luck anyway... enjoy it, you’re more than ready for week 2.

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KalabriaGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you for your support 😊🤗

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HUGE well done you! It is all too easy to use things as excuses not to run! You did it.. you ran!!!

Please do check out this post for Newbies too..


So much great advice there.. tried and tested and with lots of helpful links.

Keep it slow an steady and keep posting please... the positive posts are really motivational for new runners.. ( and reluctant less new runners) !!!!

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Well done for getting out there and finding you still enjoy it. I live in Manchester so I know I'm going to have to do a lot of running in the rain and this will help me get my mindset in order! Thank you.

Ps - I had one of those friends earlier in the week when I had a little tiny ache in my leg and was using it as an excuse to put off a run (and, knowing me, eat drink and forget it). I love those friends. :)

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Committed.................... maybe we all should be........

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