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Oh boy was that a tough one! Not sure why, could have been because it was straight after work, or the force 10 gale & driving rain ;) or the knowledge that an hour after I finished a friend was calling round for a brisk 30 minute walk!

Anyway, i really struggled to keep going, I managed both 10 minutes, but had real moments of doubt, my hamstrings felt really tight, managed the walk OK, but tired now!

Might repeat it Saturday morning and see if it's better - if so, I'll have to start getting up earlier and run in the mornings, thank goodness it's getting light earlier

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It was super-windy today - I even noticed it driving home in my car, which is very unusual. I was glad to get home!

Anyway, you did it, that's what counts! :

If you decide not to repeat it, you're onto solid runs - no more intervals! Exciting! :)

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