W6R2 - Failed :(

It's the first time I've had to walk before being told to. I just couldn't make it through either of the 10 minute runs in this session. Feels terrible.

I usually go straight out in the morning after nothing but coffee and water but because I'm off work this week I had a fairly light breakfast then went out an hour later. I hope it's this that made the difference but I don't know?

I did about 7 mins of both runs but no way could I do the whole 10. I'll have to retry this session on Friday.


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14 Replies

  • I'll get in here first because you are about to be bombarded by this response:

    There's no such thing as a failed run!*

    You got out this morning and ran for two lots of 7 minutes! That's a whole lot better than staying in and watching TV!

    OK, so you didn't achieve everything that you set out to achieve, but how many people do you know who ran for that time this morning? Did you do that last week? Or last month? I'll bet you didn't.

    It's always frustrating when a run doesn't go as well as you want but it's still a run and it's still helping you with your training. If you have to do one or two extra runs to break through the 10min barrier, who's counting? Then main thing is that you are out running, and you are so much better at it than you were 6 weeks ago!

    Try not to be down-hearted. We all have bad running days, but then sometimes we have extra-good days for no apparent reason. It will all swing back soon enough and in the meantime you are still getting out and running.

    Keep it up - and happy running!


    * Unless you get injured or hit by a meteorite or something, but we'll not worry about that.

  • You have not failed because your out the door having a go. Keep going your get there in the end, we all have the bad days.

  • Ditto other replies. Could just be bad day. Did you get enough sleep last night? Were you hydrated?

  • Don't worry - it's quite a recurrent theme on here that people find wk 6 harder than expected. Have your rest day/s and you'll be fine next timeout.

  • The others have given good advice. We all have bad runs. I had one today and didn't finish what I set out to do, but hey ho that's running and you know what? You have worked your way up to week 6 and that is an astonishing achievement. Think back to that very first run and be proud of how far you've come. Put today's run behind you and I bet the next one will be a cracker!

  • PS I love your tags!

  • I can't agree more with everyone response. Please don't feel bad it happens to every single runner, some runs are like that!!!! However, any run is better than being on the couch. You have done far better than me...its raining and I was suppose to go for a run but haven't.

  • Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Experienced runners I know also say they have bad days for no good reason so I'm not being too down about it. It may have been the unusual breakfast, or that I didn't sleep too well (@Rlear).

    I know these things happen and I know I can do it as I did the 20 min run last week! Maybe I'm getting too cocky!

    My main disappointment is that so far I've followed the program to the letter, stopping and starting on the second. Maybe it's the OCD in me but I also think the program is devised to be do-able and I didn't to do it!

    Ah well. Thanks again, it's great to have support.

  • Ah w6 is the absolute worst week of the whole programme, so don't worry. Don't beat yourself up, just try again another day :)

  • I did this run today too, and I struggled! I did manage it, but it was my worst run to date, without a doubt. As you say, we managed 20 mins last week, so not sure why this was a killer, but it was.

    Chin up, and look forward to reading your next post :-)

  • Some days it just doesn't happen and we shouldn't beat ourselves up over it! You just get back out there on your next day to run and give it another go. You still got up off your butt and exercised, so a big pat on the back to you!

    This was my run today, and I struggled with the second 10 minute run big time, and almost packed it in, but I slowed down to almost a crawl and just powered through it.

    You can do it. Slow down, count to take your mind off it (I count to 8 with the beats of the music lol) and have a look around you as you run.

    We can do this!

    And you will be running for 30 minutes in a few weeks :D

  • Well, a status report. I retried this one today and made it!

    Well.. . sort of...

    At about 6 mins into the first 10 min run I had to walk but only for about 10 paces then picked up the run again. I also stopped about 20 seconds shy of the full 10 mins.

    However, the second 10 mins was much easier and I know why! It's all about pace. For the second run I heeded Laura's advice and took it more slowly. This is when I realised that I had somehow unconsciously picked up my pace recently. I think my mind was telling me that I had done a whole 20 mins non stop so two 10 mins must be easy so go quicker! Once I slowed it down it was no problem and I made it to about 11 mins before feeling a stitch coming on.

    I guess I can work on speed once I have the endurance? I find keeping pace quite hard, the music doesn't necessarily help as I have no sense of rhythm or timing!

    Thanks again everyone for the support and encouragement.

    (don't like the sound of W6R3 though!!)

  • Hi Dean :-) Glad you managed to get back into a happy place with your week 6 runs. Hope the R3 goes ok :-)

  • Well done for getting back out there and re-trying! You can do this... :)

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