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I've had an enforced break, as my left knee gave up the ghost about 10 days ago. Back to it today with a knee support, feeling a bit nervous, as I had heard this run was a bit of a killer and had the BEST RUN ever! After an awkward start, managed to get into a good rhythm and pace. I realised I was using a really short stride, and lengthening it, it really helped. Not sure how the knee has faired, it normally starts hurting later in the day, but hopefully the knee support will have helped. So all in all I think the rest has helped and I haven't completely lost all of the fitness I have built up. Good luck to anyone else taking on W6R2!

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Well done. I remember this one being my least favourite. But W6R3 made it worthwhile

I would implore you not to ignore the knee pain if it starts to hurt later. A stitch in time saves nine as they say, and any problems now will only get worse if left unchecked.


Will do, if the pain continues I will make a physio appointment, I just don't want to be told I can't run ☹️


I had to take a two week sabbatical for a knee pain myself, and I know how frustrating it is. I only started running again yesterday. Unfortunately, I waited till it started affecting me just walking. I consider myself lucky it didn't do any lasting damage.

I've become poacher turned gamekeeper now, and offer advice that I didn't take myself. All the best!!


I had to stop with knee pain, having run on it until it was too sore to even sleep with!!! Definitely not recommended, and I would 100% agree that ignoring knee pain is a mistake! I ended up taking 6 weeks off and starting again at the beginning. However, I'm about to start week 9, and so far have had no recurrence. I've used a knee support for every run and have iced it immediately after each run just in case. I also took an extra rest day in the first few weeks between each run. Take care of it. Good luck :)


Thanks for the advice, I definitely won't ignore it!

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