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Week 1 - Run 1

Oh my goodness, i am of average fitness (i thought) and a little over weight, but clearly i'm very unfit after finding my first week1 very very hard :( i am going to keep going and i think i run on quite hilly ground so that may be why it was a little harder. But all in all i'm shocked how unfit i am!

Has anyone else found week1 particularly hard?

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GO GO GO Jo-in-a-box! I hit a hill W1R1 first run of the set and found that very hard too. Can you find a more level route to start with? I think we are all a bit shocked how unfit we are at first - that is why we are doing this programme. But good on you - you've done the hardest part and got yourself out there! WELL DONE! This blog page will give you plenty of inspiration so keep coming back! Good luck - you've made the start!


Thanks thats really kind, i have just found this community and really hope it gives me the inspiration. I do hate running lots but hoping to get over that doing this programme.

I am also doing regiment fitness at the same time, like a bootcamp session and want to get fitter for that too as i can't run for long.


Well done Jo - do go gently........ for long term build up and long term fitness.


Im at W3R1 this morning so Week 1 was only a couple of weeks away for me. Yes it was hard. My first run I couldnt do all 8 runs and it has now been classed as my HFR (horrible first run) so I tried again 3 times. Well done for getting out there as it is hard but as lots of people on here will say its worth it! Just get lots of rest and if you have achy legs try resting them and elevating them and a hot water bottle or deep heat! You will look back in no time at all and realise how far you have come. 2 weeks ago i puffed and panted around the block unable to finish all the runs and this morning I ran for 2 lots of 3 mins non stop. I couldnt have done that then. Lots of people will say trust the programme and dont give up. Jo. x


I could not run for even a minute when I started ... yet 9 months later I just completed a half marathon by running/walking. Keep going, don't overdo it, and you will see amazing progress as the weeks go by. Good luck!

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Week 1 was terrifically hard - you are not alone! We all started with one step. Stay on track, keep blogging and keep reading other people's blogs on here - you will find inspiration and encouragement at every turn. Best of luck with your journey!


I don't think I remember ever reading a week 1 blog that said it wasn't horribly hard - and I've been reading blogs on here since mid December! That's a lot of tough week 1s. However, I have also read a LOT of week 9 graduation runs - this programme really does work, if you trust it, and just keep getting yourself out there.

My week 1 was tough, but I ran 10k a few days ago (slow but steady!) You may find going slower (maybe slower than your fast walking!) helps a lot. :)


Well done you, and yes it is amazing how hard week one is, and how you improve after!


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