Week 1 Run 1 - Done!

The first thing I want to say is how incredibly grateful, and to be honest, astonished I am at the amount of support I've received from so many people on this forum. Complete strangers, yet you've taken the time to offer me words of encouragement. I'm humbled and so very thankful. I suspect I've joined not so much a forum, more a close family. Thank you all. And so to the run. It went well thankfully, and having Laura to spur me on was a big help. I decided that I need to celebrate little victories to keep the motivation up, and my little victory for the first session was that I ran every step of the eight runs - no walking until Laura told me to. Not much I know, but I honestly wasn't sure I would achieve that (I'm that unfit!) So a successful start, a day's rest today then back to it tomorrow. Onwards and upwards! Very best wishes to you all, Steve.

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  • Well done! Your first run done, that's the hardest bit done. Stick with the programme, repeat runs if you need to and just take it steady. It works! :-)

  • Thank you n-e, I really appreciate the support. :)

  • Briliant!!! Well done!!! That's it you're off and "running" :-) :-)

    Keep coming back to this site for any further help and to let us know how you are getting on. We all went through W1R1 once and I know for sure that the support of the people on this site kept me going.

    It is a bit like a family... but i still have to cook my own dinner and do my own ironing!!

  • Thanks Andy, appreciate the support. I would offer to help with the ironing but I'm rubbish at it :)

  • The second thing I want to say is how embarassed I am by the amount of typos in the original post! Shocking! :)

  • I have a friend, SKobust, who picks them out and criticises me for writing so appallingly badly!!! :-) You're in good company! keep it up (the exercise and the writing!)

  • well done Steve :D great effort :D you must be well chufffed , this can be an emotional journey for lots of reasons , every step is to be celebrated along the way :D we are all behind you :D keep posting with your progress :D

  • Thanks Rob, I plan to be a regular visitor here - your support is much appreciated.

  • Well done Steve, you're up and running ! This programme is truly amazing , it really does work !

    I wish you every success and look forward to reading of your progress. Keep going ! :-) xxx

  • Great is n't it I read the forum posts for inspiration and support ....people just like me getting on with it...at various stages...gives me hope!!

  • Well done. Not easy sometimes and I well remember my first week. I was running and a heavy 22 stone. A minute seems a long time when starting out.

    Still, you have done it and that is awesome. All great journeys start with small steps. And now your journey has just begun.

  • Here's to many more little victories...eight minutes & counting :D Well done, Steve!

  • That's fantastic! I lost count of how many times I had to run that Week 1 podcast before I could complete it. But never had to repeat any of the other runs....

    This is not a small victory, it is a very big one, well done.

  • Some of the people on here are even much better than family ... you know who you are ...

    I have had more support on this forum regarding running and soooo many other things than anywhere else I have ever been. There's just so much luuurrvvv out there in running world!

    Well done with W1R1 - that's the difficult bit done. Piece of cake from now on!

    Don't go mad - if you feel like every other day is too hard on your legs, take 2 days inbetween. It's not a race!

  • Well done! First steps are the hardest etc! it is a great programme and I have found the comments on here to have always been positive and nurturing! Good luck :-)

  • Well done for getting started Steve........wishing you all the best with the programme :-)

  • Well done. I found W1 hard but with the help of everyone here, am now on W9. I never believed I would get this far, you will get there as well. All the best

  • Haha !! We're all watching you now....hope you have a fabulous C25K adventure...

  • Well done steve, a great start ! This forum is a great place, keep on logging in and you'll see that there are many benefits to being part of c25k :) I love it ! :)

  • Well done the hardest part, getting out there, is over. Keep it up and keep letting us know how you get on. Well done!

  • Best of luck with the programme - have faith in it ! I started week 1 unsure of whether I could do it. I am now about to start week 9. Keep us posted on your progress !

  • Bravo!

    One day at a time and you'll get there.

    Happy running

  • Yay you! Well done! You've started, that's the hardest part... just listen to Laura, she'll see you're ok..

    yes it is a lovely place here isn't it? That's why those of us who have graduated keep coming back! I think it's fab that we are all on the same journey, some of us are just a few stops further forward is all!

    Keep us posted, and best of luck xxx

  • Well done Steve , you should be proud !

    Take it steady,pop back here regularly so we all know how you're doing ...you will get so much support from this forum,it's a good place.

    Looking forward to following your progress :)

  • I can't remember that first run being 'Not much ...' I remember it as being blimmin hard work and being desperate for Laura to hurry up and say walk!

    Well done Steve, keep going :)

  • Good stuff. If you've started you'll finish. Enjoy!!

  • Steve, your little victory is a big one! This is also the start of something you will never forget. it will improve your health too.

    I am a member of the lung foundation forum next door. As soon as I saw the explanation of Couch to 5 K, i came here and joined. since I have limitations in my breathing, I have seen the difference that this kind of exercise does. it's absolutely tremendous. keep it up, this is the secret to better form indeed! Well done, + brownie points!

  • Fabulous. My first one was 3 weeks ago. I'm shocked I'm still going.

    The hardest part is getting out there. Now it's done. Keep going and good on you.

    The support on here is incredible and there are some really lovely and helpful people.

    Take care and enjoy it

    Barbara xx

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