W8 R1 - Had to dig deep for this one

Back in Blighty, back on the hamster wheel and boy was it a struggle.

I set off with loads of confidence and thought I'd breeze it after my lovely(ish) run outdoors. When Laura said 5 minutes done I knew I was in trouble, I couldn't get into a rhythm and was puffing like a good 'un, 10 minutes in and I was still unhappy but determined to carry on. When Laura said 14 mins done, the gremlins were on my shoulder and telling me I'll never manage another 14 minutes feeling like this and I nearly persuaded myself to walk but I decided to see just how far I could get with this negative attitude so plodded on, and on, and on, and on.....bloody hell, where was our leader with the 'that's 20 minutes done' speech? I thought that I must be really struggling for the last 6 minutes to feel so long and was totally miserable until she said 'you've got 5 minutes left'. Sneaky bugger, she tricked me and I might as well finish it now, so I did but it's the first time I've sworn at her.

Another thing. Is it my imagination or is the music getting worse? There was one track the whole time that picked me up and to quote Fingalo, it wasn't you and fecking Julie!

5 more runs......


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16 Replies

  • Good going. Hope your next run feels easier!

  • Thanks 5k, am desperate for lighter nights so I can get out again

  • Well done! I agree re the music though, I thought the first few weeks were okay music wise but became more dire by the week. ... sounds like you still are yet to enjoy/endure -you and Julie.

  • It was my first hearing last night and I don't think it's going to improve with repetition!

  • I found it hard, too, when Laura stopped being quite so helpful and went to longer gaps between her time checks - I'm sure it's an important part of the learning process, but I didn't like it! And yes, the music definitely gets worse from here, too... So lots to look forward to then! ;) Stick with it, though - just a few more weeks to go :)

  • Nobody warned me though - I really thought time was standing still!

  • Those runs are great to read about Khrissy because we all have them, it's the getting through them that enables us to continue with the programme. I still remember my very first run, it was an absolute killer and no run since has even got close.

    Well done, not long to go now. AND you have the warm up walk of Week 9 to look forward to......

  • Cheers Fingers (d'you see what I did there?! ;-))

  • That made me laff!

  • Well, if nothing else, you got a funny blog out of it! Well done for plodding on and not giving up - that takes some doing on a run like that. I've had a string of good runs, so maybe I'm due a yucky one soon - hope not! :)

  • I'm sure you won't, I'm going to take a leaf out of your book and try it a tad slower tomorrow, just who am I racing against? There's only me moving in the garage!

  • Guess what - I didn't take my own advice today, started off too fast, and felt exhausted all the way through. Doh. Still, it was my fastest one overall, so not quite all bad! :)

  • I find I do so much better outdoors instead of confined on the hamster wheel. Other times there is no rhythm or reason, I will just have a bad run! You are doing great and I hope the next one is better! Graduation...here you come! Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle, I can't wait to get outside again!

  • Just did w8r3 with the beloved Julie - and shout me down but Julie now lifts my spirits - its quite a in yer face song anyway but in the background is everyone's comments that make me smile and laugh (poor passers by!). I was gutted when it went onto another track - who would agree that lyrics help the mental bit of running - a better distraction?

  • Just done W8R3 myself, well done for getting through a tough one!

    This week I used Laura to check the halfway point on the ground on the first run (I use an out and back route) and then did runs 2 and 3 based on that.

    I think I prefer running without Laura, but will experiment with making my own running playlist, maybe one style/artist on the way out and another on the way back so I know where the halfway point is

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