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1st blog at last

Its taken me 4weeks to get blogging, long story but I'm Such a technophobe I just couldn't quite get how it all works!! I've been desperate to thank everyone for their help and advice, I hope you dont think I've been Eve's dropping but love the positive vibes and encouragement you all give to each other, it's really REALLY helped.

Anyway I finished w4r3 yesterday, I had a cold (above my neck) so took advice from other posts and took it nice and slow and just about finished it. Due to my techno problems I've been running With my daughter since w2 she manages to keep me on track and can be very persuasive!!! (Laura kept napping and just wouldn't stay in my ear).

I'm Typical of many others -over weight, over 40 & v v unfit having avoided exercise all of my life. I signed up for race for life after my daughter ran it last year, I was so moved by everyone's stories and although you can walk, skip or jump round the course I thought it would mean more if I ran hence c25k. I have just about completed each week (with a struggle) but have been too scared to repeat a week as I don't think I'd ever have the confidence in myself to move onto the next weeks. Head cold is now heading downwards (below neck) so fingers crossed for tomorrows run.

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Well done for getting this far! This site is definitely helpful to keep motivation up. I usually read a few blogs before going out if I don't feel like running and it really helps!

I've signed up for the Race for Life this year too. After walking it last year I really wanted to run it this year. Hope your cold doesn't put you off your stride! :)


Well done! I too am overweight and over 40 and I found week 4 really tough! In fact last year I never got past it, I couldn't do it and kept repeating week 3 mistakenly believing it would get easier! I started again in January and only had to repeat 3 runs in the later weeks.

I can say with confidence it really does work and you'll be amazed what you are capable of

Good luck with the rest of the programme, keep blogging and enjoy the Race for Life :-)


Oh thanks, I've amazed myself getting this far, w5 looks really scary but I'm going to give it a go and 'trust in the programme' x


Good for you. I'm impressed with your stamina and determination. I must say I find these blogs extremely encouraging so thanks for your story. The thought of running longer than three seconds for me gave me the shakes. Now I've completed Week 1 and about to start 2, I'm feeling positive about things.

Hope your cold clears up soon.


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