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Still not getting any easier. In fact my second run this morning was harder than my first run in week 2 on Friday. Trying to find the positives but feel a bit:( and wondering how on earth I am meant to double this next week. I am finding the recovery ok but its just the lactic acid and tired legs that kick in pretty much straight away that is the tough thing. I wish i was finding this enjoyable and easier. I wont give up because I just wont but I really want to.

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Keep going. It is early days. Trust the plan. Week one is tough

but you CAN do it!

Joanne37Graduate in reply to Bobnewbie

Im on week 2 at the moment. So its supposed to be a little easier by now?

Bobnewbie in reply to Joanne37

Sorry, I meant week two is tough! I have felt negative many a time but now just about to start W7. Now - if I can do it YOU can. I remember willing the first 60 second run to end! Dont try and go too fast - it is a jog and sometimes the running speed is hardly more than the walk......do ignore what Laura says about putting heel down first though - wrong advice - it contradicts the other info on the how to run bit of the website and I hurt my knees following that! Remain positive, don't look ahead too much and have faith! Trust the plan. All the best......


Don't think about next week! Think about the week you are in, and consider the changes and effort you are subjecting your joints and muscles to at the moment! Go slowly through the runs - its perfectly possible to run slower than walk! And while going slower, consider how gently you are placing your feet - almost under your body .... This greatly reduces stress to ankles, knees and hips!

As for positives.... ah well, your body IS getting fitter, you ARE completing the challenges, you ARE enjoying early morning sunshine and fresh air (?) and you ARE already a member of a very special group of people who has taken on C25K! :D

Try a huge glass of water and a banana about an hour before you go out ... these seem to reduce pains en route! (Many, many cyclists swear by the efficacy of bananas for eliminating calf cramps etc on long cycle rides - they are absorbed very quickly into the body!)

And, as Bobnewbie has already stated, it's still early days ... You and your body parts are going through a learning and adjusting phase at the moment - don't be too harsh on yourself. You'll do just fine, enjoy your outings, cheers Linda :)

Joanne37Graduate in reply to LMS2110

Thanks Linda. Sorry for the whinge. Just feel a bit blue today. I have to run early on weekdays because of work and at weekends I get up early so that no one can see me! so its not really possible to have something an hour before or I would be up at 4.30am (eek!) so ill look at other options. Weekday runs are between 5.30 and 6am starts. Ill take all your advice on board and concentrate on the positives. Thank you for taking the time to respond. You have made me feel better:) x

LMS2110Graduate in reply to Joanne37

Awwwwww hunn, I hadn't thought of your blog as a whinge anyway, kind of assumed you were having a lousy time. Please don't stay blue ... cos one of the main things you get out of just doing this running lark is an emotional high high (all those endorphins escaping ;) ) Take care of yourself, and run when you can - and if you need to yell at the world for being stink, what better time to do than when out alone at silly o'clock in the mornings :) :D luv Linda x


Thanks Linda. I just don't want to struggle through every run. Feels a bit soul destroying that its still hard. Maybe it is because its such a big change for me. Maybe I'll need to do week 2 twice.

just seen your comment re my missing comment! I did post something earlier but don't know where it went - I certainly didn't think you were ignoring me :)

I hope on reflection you're feeling a bit more positive and your gearing up for the final run of week 2. I'm out again tomorrow and only hope it's more enjoyable than yesterday!

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