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That was hard! W2R2

Went out for run 2 of week 2 this evening and found it a real struggle. Kept it slow but felt like I was losing momentum. However, I couldn't have run any faster from a breathing point of view. Lower legs felt really heavy and ached particularly just above ankle/ lower calf. Hope this gets better. On my way round I was thinking that I might need to repeat this week. My husband assures me it will get easier - I certainly hope it does. :)

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Don't let your hubby know this...but he's right!!! :-) You will feel like you struggle so hard and can't take another step, but KNOW, you can do this and eventually, it will get better! :-) The heaviness in your legs will improve as your body gets use to the activity and you become fitter. Hard to believe now though, eh? :-) I struggled every single run but made my mind up, no matter how I struggled, as long as I completed a run, I would move on. I'm happy I worked the program that way, but for you, if you feel the need to repeat run/weeks, do so. Find what works for you so you don't become overwhelmed, frustrated and quit. Remember how I said it will get better? I thought I was near death on several of my C25K runs, I have went on to do a 10K program of which I have 1 run left to graduate. My last run I ran 5 miles/8K and 1 hour continuous. YOU CAN DO THIS! Gayle


It does get better! I totally assure you that! I currently am on week 3 run 1 and it felt so much better. Just don't give up and run, keep on running and keep on fighting. You'll eventually beat the pain and the struggle. ;)


Helen!! Don't despair!!

It is a huge step but so is every week in this program.

My legs ache after every run- but that's how we know we got off the couch and got out there, right?! Every run is a run closer to being fitter and healthier.

If you feel you need to repeat, do. I did. But just don't sell yourself short. You may surprise yourself :-)

Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

Ali :-)


Saturday i had a awful run and felt very despondent. Tonight however total different story i managed the week 3 run 2 without a problem.

What I do is to only move on after I have completed the three runs in each week successfully. Yes it will take me longer than the 9 weeks but eventually I will get there.

Whatever happens just keep going you can and will get there. Good luck


I made my mind up on Day 1 that it I didn't need to do it in 9 weeks and that I would repeat any week I wanted to. To use an apt metaphor it's a marathon not a sprint. Two weeks ago I hadn't run since school. The fact I am running at all is a major achievement!! So look at the positives and believe that it will get easier because it will. By the way I am sure by running sections are no quicker than my walking bits but I would rather do it that way and keep running until Laura says stop. Speed can come later.


I've just done that run too and found it hard!!!! W2R1 seemed easier - perhaps it was to do with the alcohol consumed last night ;-)


Just take your time with things and if you need to repeat a week then do it, I had a cold after my second week so repeated week 2 after I got back onto my feet/health. Just do your best and in time you should be able to continue with the runs. Just starting week 4 now but am amazed how much I can now do compared to when I started. :-)


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