B210K – W2R2 …. In the snow!

B210K – W2R2 …. In the snow!

All I can say is “Yaktrax Run” – they rock!!! 8-) 8-)

I got some for Christmas and have been dying to use them so this morning was my chance and they are fantastic! You can just run as normal and be fully confident that you wont slip, slide or skate over the snow and ice and though I thought they may feel strange, I honestly forgot I had them on….. :)

It was just so exhilarating running in the snow; enjoying watching the children and dogs going mad in it in the park and then on other parts of the run it was so quiet, peaceful and pretty. A lovely run even if slower than normal but at least I didn’t have to abandon it because of the weather so I feel very smug right now!! ;) :P

I didn’t see any other runners and I got some looks as if I were crazy, including from my neighbour, but then 6 months ago I would have most probably thought the same. But now I am a runner and just have to run come rain, sun, wind or .... snow! Bring it on!! :D

For anyone else braving the elements today, enjoy it but stay safe. Have a great weekend everyone!

Sue x


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14 Replies

  • Wowza! "Yaktrak", huh? I may have to look into getting some!

    Go you!! :-)

  • Doubt you need them in Japan Matthew, but then again, I have absolutely no idea what the weather is out there :O


    S :)

  • Well done for getting out there Sue, it's slower as you say but definitely an experience to enjoy. I have the Yaktrax Pro and have found them good on packed snow/ice but the soft snow/slush got packed in the coils so I ran in my hiking boots.... Wrong type of snow perhaps?? Love the pic btw. :-)

  • Thanks notbad :) It was mostly packed snow and ice thats true; I didnt think they would be good in slush so thats interesting to hear.

    Sue :)

  • Excellent have looked at Yaktrax, seems like they may be another piece of essential equipment I can't run without! Luckily not much snow here so managed a Parkrun this morning, cold and windy though so not expecting a good time. Enjoy running in the snow :-)

  • Cheers rolphie! I think there is always room for more running gear!! :D


  • Glad you enjoyed it Sue. Great feeling smug isn't it? Enjoy your weekend too. Susie :)

  • Thanks Susie! Smugness is the best! :D ;) I even like the sound of the word!!!

    Sue :)

  • Just ordered a pair for myself, can't wait for them to arrive so I can try the out.

  • Have fun! They are great and I know you are doing a lot of your runs on the treadmill but you really cant beat the outdoors can you?! :)

  • Well done Sue, sounds like a great run. You have every right to be smug! :) I'm a little jealous as I didn't brave it today as I don't have the appropriate equipment! I had a lovely walk though and found new places to run for when the weather improves.

  • Thanks RT! :) Best not to if you dont feel safe running in it but walking in the snow is great too; everything is just so pretty! ;)

  • Superb, Sue!! I have to admit that this is my second time visiting this post as I had to leave it the first time to google "Yaktrax Run." It appears that the running shopping list may be growing again!! I never realized that Gayle and I needed these, but after a bit of research, I have come to the simple conclusion that life without Yaktrax is no life at all!!! :-)

    It sounds like this was a marvelous run for you! You deserve that smug feeling...enjoy it!!! Aren't the looks that we sometimes receive simply the best?

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Cheers Steve! I'm sure they must think I am a seasoned runner too to be mad enough to run in the snow; if only they knew its only been months not years!! :D I did feel like a pro I must admit, which only added more to the smugness!! :D :D

    Oh no!! I am the cause AGAIN of your spending your money.....forgive me!! ;) Tell you what though, I would much prefer to have them and still be able to run outside than to be confined to the "dreadmill" ! :( I know that is what you have been having to do so I hope the yaktrax set you free! :)

    Happy shopping and happy running!!


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