Well that's run 2 week 2 done. Found it hard going tonight just like 1st run week 2 but thinking the heat is maybe partly to blame. Strava is telling me I'm quicker each run (by seconds) but still slightly quicker so going in the right direction. Insomnia is really bad just now and getting between 1 to 2 hrs sleep max at night for weeks now. Onto Thursday and that will be the end of W2. It doesn't seem like that long ago I was "debating" with myself about whether to start C25K, really glad I did though πŸ˜€


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  • Well done on keeping up the positive attitude - that will take you far!

    The heat whilst running is draining, and it's also not helping with the insomnia, I'm sure.

    Don't push too hard for speed. The important thing is to go slow and steady. Speed is for post-graduation. It doesn't matter how slow you are - you need to keep a manageable work rate for when the runs get longer.

    Good luck with last run of W2!! πŸƒπŸ»πŸ˜Š

  • Rhedwr yeah I think the heat isn't agreeing with me (I know we're never happy πŸ˜‚) but think the insomnia is worse. Got to sleep about 5.20 this morning and up at 6.45 to get the kids ready for school and me ready for work. I think I had hoped that the additional excersise of this on top of 100+ miles per week on my bike would make me physically that tired I'd have to sleep, not happening πŸ™ˆ

    As for the speed thing I think that's just happening by good fortune rather than planning. I'm just running at what I feel comfortable at and that's what Strava is analysing. My W1R1 5K was 42.55 and tonight (W2R2) was 39.22 I haven't been trying to do anything any different. This is of course a mixture of walking and running and I actually think the difference in times might greatly be down to picking up my walking pace. Times aren't really important to me I'm just wanting to complete this. I think because I've been using my Garmin for cycling it's just normal for me to see how I'm doing.

    Thanks for the support and advice, this is ALL new to me πŸ‘

  • Well done x hopefully youll start sleeping better soon x

  • I'm also a very light sleeper - I've found that C25k exercise has really helped me sleep through the night (but I still wake up very early), or If I do wake up, it's easier to go back to sleep again.

    I'm sure it'll all click into place for you, very soon. :)

  • Well done Lochie !

    Yes I hummed and aahhhed before I started the programme , it turned out to be one of the best things Ive ever done. Its opened up a whole new way of life for me and I cannot imagine my life without running now :-)

    I do sympathise with the sleep. Takes me ages to get off then I wake up in the early hours and cant get back to sleep. It does my head in tbh.

    Week 2 nearly done and dusted . Onwards , always :-) xxx

  • why are you doing 5k in wk 2 though? The programme is to build up to 30 minutes running at wk 9, which for some might be at or around 5 k but many don't reach 5k until much later post grad, but the early weeks are just about running for time so from memory the whole time for wk 2 runs including warm up cool down and interval walks is only 20-25 mins

  • Hmmm yes I've just re-read your post and you write "My first W1 Run 1 5k was 42. 55 " Are you running 5k on each run ? xxx

  • heavyhorse poppypug πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ right you two before I start getting a row πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I switch my Garmin on when I leave the house which then includes my warm up and warm down. I follow the podcast exactly except on the last run of each week I've added a few seconds on. When I go out I keep going (as per podcast) and I turn at 2.1 miles. When I turn I've normally got one run session and the warm down left to do. Then I'm on my way back home. After the last run I just keep up the brisk walking pace until I get home. This means I've covered 4.1/4.2 miles by the time I'm home. But I've only run 6 x 90 seconds of that. Because my Garmin links to Strava, Strava then picks up its a run and puts it into sections and one of the sections it records is 5k. Seemingly it picks up the quickest 5k of the total distance which will include when I've been running (well hopefully) I've attached a picture of the Strava pace tracker which shows the 6 "spikes" of when I've been running. I'll try and put another picture of what sections Strava itself has broken this down into. After my 6 runs tonight I know I can cover 5k im just not sure I'll ever be able to continuously run 5k. I hope all that explanation makes sense and I'm off the naughty step.

  • Ok! We will let you off! Don't mean to nag but get worried if it looks like someone is overdoing it! Well done btw😊

  • heavyhorse πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ not taken as nagging, hence the attempt at a tongue in cheek response. I try to keep most things light hearted and the more you see on here the more hopefully you'll recognise my attempts at humour πŸ˜„ On a more serious note I REALLY appreciate people like yourself making comments and giving advice which I promise I'll pay attention too. That's why I've joined this wonderful forum as I need as much advice as possible because I'm a complete novice and need guidance. One the 5k thing I was really surprised at the time, is that quite quick given I've walked a good part of it? I can ask in total confidence as you've seen the evidence I've not run it πŸ˜„πŸ‘

    Please keep the advice/comments coming I'm relying on you keeping me on the straight and narrow.

  • yeah I think that is a great time considering you have walked most of it! I think many people start from a different fitness baseline too, so ones starting direct from couch and ones with other health issues will take a lot longer to reach the 5 k mark, and people who already do cycling or other sports maybe have a head start!

  • heavyhorse Hi in a serious response to your reply, and for once not being funny. Don't know if you noticed my profile or details (don't know what you see) but I've recently (last 5 yrs) had some pretty serious health problems and it was just getting out of hand hence the decision for the lifestyle change. This is probably one of the only half sensible posts you'll ever see from me πŸ‘ I prefer the banter and humour to keep me going that's how I got through my illness πŸ˜„

  • just been looking at your posts, you are doing brilliantly, I am just conscious of not focussing too much on speed as there are some people on here who get similar times to you when running the whole 5 k, and there are sometimes confidence issues when slower people see other runners who are faster than them. We have to all remember we are all running our own race with ourselves and not to compare too much, but that is sometimes easier said than done and at the end of the day each one of us is a winner every time we run and its just that bit sweeter when its been a harder journey, whether battling illness, injury, mental health issues , or just being stranded on the sofa with a packet of biscuits! Keep up the good work and keep up the posts whether funny ones or serious! We are all in this together!

  • Yeah I'll try to behave and not post times etc. I think it's just habit because when I come home from a cycle my Garmin loads up and appears on my Strava and really I use it more for things like calories burned, average speed and how much I've done, progressed etc. It's not really a competitive time thing. I've done nearly 9000 miles on my bike since I started cycling in April 2014 so as I said it's just routine now. Before that my last excersise was school and I'm now 47πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  • You should post whatever you want and be proud of your times! I just like to add a bit to include everyone!

  • Running has helped me sleep better as I suffer from insomnia in stages too. Hope being worn out physically helps you too.

    I have to run after work and it has been hot on these Warner evenings. Perhaps we all need to leave it as late as possible so that it is cooler. 😊

  • Donkeywhistler I am hoping it will make me sleep. I cycle 100 + miles a week if my health is upto it and that doesn't work but I'm hoping the running in addition to that might eventually work 😴😴😴

    I too have to run at night because of health issues mornings are almost never good for me, like today, I'd intended going out almost an hour ago and it's still not happening but it will shortly (I hope!)

    My problem just now with the evening runs are as you say is the heat but on the lovely West Coast of Scotland the later I leave it the more the lovely little midgies come out especially since I run along the Crinan Canal.

    I think today will be one of my first morning runs, well it will be if i get out before lunchtime πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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