W2R2 New Route

Today after some feedback from the lovely people on here I decided to alter my route, so that instead of just running round the park I ventured out onto pavement. It probably seems silly to seasoned runners but I'd kind of built it up my head that it would be harder.

I started off for the warm up and first interval in the park I was then at a point where I was by a gate and able to venture out... I was surprised that I was actually finding it easier than on grass. The knees and ankles didn't seem to object either, which I thought might happen. I ended up completing the middle 4 intervals on the road, mostly because I missed the turning to go back to the road where the park entrance is. Finally I went back into the park for the last run and the cool down walk.

So all in all very happy with today. I was struggling a little on the last run but I was determined not to stop until Laura called time. Vey glad I managed it. Feeling great, although very hungry this afternoon. I've been filling up on fruit and chicken. One of the things I am finding is that my motivation to eat health is higher than it's been in a long time since I've started this. Long may it continue x Roll on Friday :D


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7 Replies

  • Well done on the run! I always found running on grass harder than on the road as the unevenness of the grass challenges more muscles. That said, it's supposed to be a good surface to run on as it absorbs the impact and is kinder on the knees. Can be hard on the ankles though if it's very uneven - and watch out for sudden dips. A mix of both is probably a good way to go.

  • Thanks, think you're right I'll try and do a mix of the two. Yes I noticed later today when I was walking my dogs that some pavements are a bit holely! hadn't noticed it before.

  • As SSKKS said, grass is more tiring but better for the joints; pavement is tougher on the body but feels easier! A mix of both is good if you can, I think.

    And yay for the healthy eating too! :) I also find that when I'm exercising regularly I want to eat better so all this effort isn't wasted! :)

  • Well done, always good to try new routes 👍

  • Well done. Glad it worked out for you. It will give you more variety in your runs if you can mix it up a bit.

  • Well done! I agree, I prefer pavements/roads to grass. Perhaps in a few weeks' time you could look at getting yourself a gait analysis and some proper, snazzy, comfortable running shoes to make sure you're properly protected. I think maybe you're getting hooked on the programme... :)

  • Early days yet, but can definitely say I've enjoyed each session so far :D so fingers crossed x

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