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so week 5 r2- slight sense of elation

Well - forced myself to go out this eve after work. lovely sunny evening - but slightly nervous about 2 times 8 mins.. so set out on my first 8 mins - i ran so slowly I was only just moving - but was pleasantly surprised to finish still intact. Second one my legs felt like lead - and it wasn't feeling very promising. However half way through a gazelle loped past me in the form of a 65 year lady who completed the london marathon a couple of weekends ago in a very respectable 4 hrs 30 mins - step lively i thought.

so anyway it was done- but not neccessarily comfortably or confidently - so feel i will repeat this run - to see if i feel more confident before progressing to R3.

happy running

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Well done you. I once heard a saying "you don't gotta like it, you just gotta do it" that's applied to most of my runs so far! I am going to do my second run of W4 tomorrow. I was convinced I couldn't do 5 mins, but I did. Go us! Good luck with the rest of your journey.


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