Couch to 5K

Week 5 complete!!!!

I can't believe it, I've just completed W5 R3!! As W5 R2 was 8 mins of running, 5 mins of walking and 8 mins of running, I knew R3 involved 20 mins of running so was expecting 2 10 min runs with a walk in between - but no, 20 mins of running without a break. I was surprised when I started this morning, and wasn't sure I could do it, but I did. I still can't believe it since I struggled so hard at the beginning. Now I'm looking forward to losing some weight as it has to happen at some point!!! Week 6 here I come!

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Congrats! Week 5 is a big mental barrier, but I found once you'd accomplished that, the rest was doable!


Well done.......I did mine on Friday......just done wk6 r1 feels pritty good doesn't it......wk1 seems like ages ago........keep up the good work 😃😃😃


Well done you, that run is a massive achievement


Well done. I did mine on Friday. Even managed a sprint finish at the end. (Much to the bemusement of the man on the next treadmill!)

Usually run outside but was back in the gym Friday due to the torrential rain.

Don't know about you but I was amazed that I could run for 20 minutes! :-)


Ha ha me too AliJ... so enthused by being able to jog 20 minutes that today I start a diet plan. Come get us week 6!


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