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Is that an endorphin i see???

Ever since the dreaded cross country at school i have hated exercise (i blame Miss Goacher, the cow!). I used to think i was wired wrong because i never felt that massive endorphin rush people bang on about. I used to get annoyed, especially if someone was with me trying to encourage me, I almost pushed an ex off his bike into the road, the smug git!

well today i did my 3rd 5k walk in under a week. i actually chose to go out as i was feeling really fed up and now i am back i am feeling much happier :) i dont want to shout too loud as i might scare it away but i am sure i saw an endorphin peeking out from under the sofa!! maybe if i am nice to it, it will bring its friends next time!

i know this is a C25K forum and i am working up to starting W1R1 i promise but i am at least 9st overweight so at the moment any movement is good for me :)

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Well done you! Thats really positive and I've seen that a lot on blogs that you can start off by doing a bit of walking to get you going and then get into Week 1. Im about 4-5 stone overweight but tackling it and I'm just at the end of Week 1. I found it tough but i managed it so I have every faith you will too. You are being sensible and doing it the right way. I think too much too soon means you can tire yourself out or injure yourself and give up. Slowly slowly catchy monkey:)


Well done and good for you making a sensible but positive start. Keep at it and you will feel so pleased at how far your journey will take you. :-)


Oh well done! Like you, I'm overweight, and I too started with walking. I'm sure it makes a big difference when you come to start the runs. Or plods, as mine are. I doubt that anyone could go more slowly than I do but at least I am building up the time and distance.

When you feel ready, I hope that you'll try the programme. It is remarkable.


Good for you - keep on blogging and getting out there. Three 5k walks in a week is great! :D


Loved to read your sensible and realistic lead up tactics for C25K ... Good girl, well done!!! For a lot of people the first step outside is considered the most important step - actually I think your getting out for walks is pretty darned good too!!! :)

You've obviously worked out that getting out walking is stepping in the right direction ... Hope you will soon take the plunge and try a little, tiny, minuscule, weeny trot :D Start really, really slowly - it doesn't matter if your tiny jog is slower than your walking, give it a go soon. You may well find that in a few more outings, you feel bold enough to try the podcasts. It really doesn't matter how long you spend on the 'weeks', they're a guide only not a fixed rule! Staying off the sofa will encourage the little endorphins to sneak out too ... They'll soon become great companions on your outings - they love the sunshine and fresh air :D

Take care and best wishes all the way, Linda x


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