endorphin burst!!

So I've now just finished week 1 and I discovered at at my 3rd 60sec run I get all choked up with happy tears and feeling so extremely proud of myself for a couple of seconds.

Don't know what I'd done but w1 was gone from my pod so I had to walk all the way home (20 min)to download it again and I could feel it in my legs when I started running, they were hurting a bit but Ignored it and lifted my head and looked ahead insted of looking at the ground as I've been doing before.

Feeling so darn pleased with myself!!!!!

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  • Well Done, its a great feeling knowing you have achieved something.

  • Well done you !!!! I did my wk2r1 this morning also and it went better than I thought it would ;-)

  • That's so good to hear, those endorphins will get you there! Look forward to hearing how it's going! Well done you.

  • Well done for lifting your head. It took me ages to do that - I was afraid of looking at the distance ahead, but it made such a difference to my running when I did manage it.

  • well done i only done first run yesterday and people like you are encouraging all us beginers

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