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Hola, well that was an enjoyable holiday

Hi everyone, got back yesterday from my hols in Javea, Spain and can report that I ran every other day. I can't beleive I said that, when in the past I never understood why people go on holiday and exercise.

And it was lovely to run somewhere different and I felt a bit like an explorer. Some of the runs were through the lime/lemon/orange orchards and by a dry river bed, others where in the town and then some by the promenade and sea - I would say it reminded me of being at home, but the irish sea isn't a patch on the med ;-).

Well I was never going to get any PBs for speed, even starting out at 7.15 AM as it was still quite warm and the air quality doesn't seem as good, but got lost a little one day and ran the furthest non stop ever of 6KM, so a distance PB whilst on hols..... :-)

I was going to wait until tomorrow to run again at home, until this afternoon late on, when I got ichy feet, so popped out and got a new PB for 5K of just under 28.57, so it must have helped those warmer runs. I am well chuffed!

Anyway need to start my 10K training soon, so I'm off tomorrow morning to join the local gym/swimming pool to mix it up abit (off peek, non commitment membership, well don't want to tempt fate).

Good to see so many people still acheiving graduation and joining in this running lark.

See you all soon :-)

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Fantastic - for running while on holiday, upping your PB, and going for a 10K. Just think, if you hadn't gone out for a run on holiday you might never have seen the sights you did. Running can broaden your horizons, literally.


Definately added something to the holiday, saw loads I wouldn't have if I hadn't run.


Sounds like a lovely holiday! Well done on your PB's! When is your 10K?


No race or run planned, it is just the next step on my running plan :-)


Hi Phil I too was looking outside and thinking I'd leave it till today to run but in the end I decided to go.Ran in the rain listening to the sport on 5-live and managed to sneak under 29 mins too. 28mins 59! Five days ago I didnt want to run and did a difficult 32 mins but that helped me to 29.58 three days ago and now a PB yesterday.But I realise I am really going to have to be mentally strong to keep it going over winter.Hoping for an Indian summer!


It always amazes me that PBs often come when you do something different. I know what you mean about winter!!!


Great to hear from you again Phil, glad you enjoyed your holiday and kept up with the running. Are you going to try the Samantha Murphy Bridge to 10k podcast? I'm doing W2 and finding it quite 'challenging' :-) the wind from the north sea almost immobilsed me this morning, I'm another one who's going to have to toughen up for winter.


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