What is this number I see before me?

What is this number I see before me?

Those of you who are wearily familiar with my posts will now that part from endlessly going on about squats, I am also legendarily slow, and quite happy with that. If John Bingham and Bazza are penguins waddling toward the back of the pack, I am the Elephant seal galumphing along behind. I don't mind, it suits me and I can cover reasonable distances flolloping along through almost any terrain without worrying about pace or times etc.

However, even I have fallen victim to the idea of race-specific training, and as I have a couple of tough but shortish OCR events coming up including an 8k and 15k the same day, I decided I would do a bit of work on being able to do the running sections faster.

So this week is speed week 1. Which started slightly sideways with yesterday's brick run, and then tody I could not get out till after 5. It was hot. I was tired and had drunk more coffee than water today. There was not a scrap of shade to be had. And.... tadaaa.....

I appreciate it's not a mega time for many, but it is certainly the first time I have seen the number 25 at the end of a 5k. Really chuffed with this. My regular 5k hovers either side of 30.

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  • That's great Rignold. Your posts always inspire me :)

  • Wow that's a big chunk knocked off. Perhaps the coffee helped :-) I'd love a time like that x :-)

  • well young lady, get doing some fartleking and you shall have one!

  • Hahaha! Think I will try coffee first! ๐Ÿ˜€โ˜•๏ธ

  • I deal in coffee, would that be Arabica or Robusta?

  • Ooh now you've got me! Haven't got a clue! ;-)

  • My secret weapon is Odinforce blend Valhalla Java from the Death Wish Coffee company.

    I have one pot bulletproof with cocnut oil and one pot as black as my soul.

  • Sounds worryingly hard-core for me. Even Nescafรฉ gets my heart palpitating! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • lol

  • Maybe the coffee's the secret?!

    Seriously though, well done. Big improvement!

  • Bloody marvellous, that. Nice one Rignold, I can feel the glow from here (oh, hang on, is it sunburn?) I've been chasing a 30 min 5k, have got to 30.25 but I think I get more joy from clocking up further distances. Makes me feel, I dunno.... More invincible. Hah! Bring it on. Slow and steady.

  • well AllieG get to Watergrove Parkrun this Saturday cake on supply and you can post a 30 min 5k

  • Sorry did you say cake? *door slams*

  • its low fat cake

  • Well done Rig !

    I love the tags on your post ha ha :-D xxx

  • Love your posts always Rignold. And the time is impressive!

  • Well done!!

  • That time would be in the top half of the average Parkrun, Rig and would give a WAVA rating of around 60%.

    All in all, it's PDQ.

  • Well done Rig! You're the daddy! I'm with you on the coffee. Robusta? Wassat then? I like espresso before a run, and in my energy bars. Vavavoom!

    My husband recently won some ground coffee in a food hamper. It's vile. Vanilla flavour. I think it will be good for cake or energy bars though

  • Well done indeed !!! Its great to see that 25 mins mark .

  • I am very impressed - A five minute kilometer? WOW! My body is immune to the kick-start effects of coffee now - I've been drinking filter and expressos for way too long, unfortunately. I only notice when I come back to the UK and attempt waking up with a cup of instant.

  • Well done fella.

  • If I remember well, last time you posted about a speedy run of yours, somebody or something had made you feel angry or upset. Did you have another argument before this run? :-)

  • Either this or all that running with an over-sized brick.

    Fantastic time!

  • blimey thats fantastic... I still dream about that number.....

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