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hey all

i have been using endomondo to map my walks (not yet started the programme) but occasionally when i open the app it automatically downloads something.

Luckily i have a antivirus app that scas downloads etc and allows me to remove it beore openng t in case its a virus. i think it is changeware or something (cant remember what it said!)

as anyone ele had this? should i be worried, delete the app and find a better one?

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I wouldn't worry too much. If it only happens when you open Endomondo, it's most likely synching with the server. Your phone app will normally upload a run to the server when you get to a wifi signal and if you use it on your desktop or whatever, it will need to download the data.

Having said that, this is only a well educated guess - I use Endomondo, but only on my phone. Every time I get the "history" it connects and downloads it - even for a run only just completed.

The safest thing to do is to run a virus scan to see if there is anything lurking about and then clean out anything suspect that's found. Fire up Endomondo, let it synch then disconnect your web connection. This will stop any 'foreign' downloads. Now run another scan. My guess is that nothing abnormal will be found.

Hope that helps.


Endomondo automatically downloads your runs so that is probably what is happening.


no, thishas nothing to do wit the runs (walks :)) it happens as soon as i open the app. it tries to open a web page then something downloads to my phone :s


I've been using endomondo for a while and really like it. I've never had this problem...however I upgraded to the full version months ago with no adverts. I think it's about £2.50 for the full version and is well worth it if you like the app. Otherwise there are plenty of alternatives - runkeeper, nike+, runtastic you could try.


I had that problem with Endomondo too, it kept loading up a porn site >:( I deleted it and I'm using RunKeeper now, it's loads better.


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