Endomondo v Garmin Connect?

Princess Charmin' obviously uploads metrics to Garmin Connect, and having used that for about 7 months, I have become used to how it works, including when it doesn't work or take unreasonably long to do things. I can see that a number of my facebook (*goes to wash my mouth with soap*) acquantances are using Endomondo, and having signed up there to see what it's all about, I have learnt that it can automatically suck information from Garmin Connect and present it using its own interface. At an initial glance, it seems that Endomondo's user interface is prettier, slicker, faster and better than Garmin Connect.

So... Are anyone here using Endomondo? Do you like it? If you are or have been using Garmin Connect as well, which do you prefer? Why? Upsides and downsides? Spill the beans! ;-)


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10 Replies

  • I didn't know that could be done, thanks for posting. I used to use Endomondo and liked the online interface, but didn't like the constant pestering to upgrade (I had the free version) or the adverts. Garmin connect took a bit of getting used to, but like how it now automatically titles my activities and how I can press play on the map and be 'taken' through the stats (wish I could slow it down though if anyone knows how please do tell). One thing Endomondo could do (using the app on my phone) was list what music I was listening to, which was nice but not essential.

    Not much help in your question, but I'll be interested to read the responses.

  • You're right, the "playback" thing is neat, but way, way to fast to be more than a gimmick. It could be really great if you could slow it down around to check specific areas like hills in details.

  • If only I ran as fast as the playback ;-)

  • Hi I used to use Endomondo but found it very slow to pick up my location which often meant that the majority of my run wasn't recorded. I have started to use Garmin Connect and have found it accurate and easy to use

  • Hi Megzig, I think that's a generic issue of using the phone's GPS as opposed to a GPS watch. So if using Endomondo, my preference would be to still use the Garmin to capture the data, upload it to Garmin Connect, and then let the automated feed between the two systems synch it from GC to Endomondo.

  • I use Endomondo for Running and Strava for cycling and then sync them all with tapiriik.com it does garmin and a few others as well its all very good.

  • That's interesting, thanks benwill. Which parts of Endomondo do you prefer for running, and which parts of Strava do you find best for cycling?

  • I mainly use Endomondo because i got a free years subscription to the premium bit with my phone (galaxy S5) and it has some good training modules on there, it also works better with my watch and i have a few freinds on there. I use strava for cycling because of the segments which are great plus also part of a work group which means I have my work colleagues on there and i prefer the strava web interface. But tapiriik allows me to sync all across all my apps.

  • That sounds great. Thanks for explaining Ben. I'll give it a go.

  • Before I had a gar in I used to use Strava but since then have used G Connect like yourself because it is "easy" to see when I have synced my watch. That said, a lot of the time it is not easy at all, the site sometimes doesn't upload from the dongle for days at a time, and my particular watch is notoriously poorly supported by the interface (410 - I believe the 610 has similar problems), for example it is very hit and miss if I can see my splits or analyse data in modern display mode and have to switch back to classic half the time.

    Most of my 'serious' athlete friends seem to use Endomomdo for running. I keep meaning to switch over but inertia means I never get round to it.

    What I really want but have yet to find, is a program that would let me upload my garmin data and also log my cross fit workouts, spin sessions etc and analyse combined data, and cross refenece with food intake etc. there are programs which do combinations of bits of these things but not one that does it all, and I don't have the time or inclination to be juggling several different programs.

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