Couch to 5K

In love with Endomondo!

My husband is going to get jealous as I have a new object for my affection.

After reading about "him" on other people's posts I set out to investigate Endomondo to see what he was all about.

I downloaded him yesterday and gave him a test-walk and was impressed so this evening my daughter and I took him out for a proper test run - w9r1 - and it was great. The robotic voice told me when I had run a mile and how long it had taken me, then updated me after 2 miles.

Also, because Endo was marking the distance I was able to go on a completely different route from normal which was fun. We ran along the road for the early-not-too-visibly-exhausted bit then went up a farm track, across a deeply ridge-and-furrow field, across a few stiles, round the edge of another field, up another track and so on until we ended up on the farm track that we normally run up and down and because I knew it was measuring until I finished I actually ran for an extra 2.5 minutes after Laura had said to stop so that I could get to the end of the track - finishing at 2.47 miles, so just under 4k in 32.30 minutes. :-) I was VERY happy!

Endo told me how fast I had run, what my average speed was, what my best speed was etc and when I got home and looked on the computer it showed a graph of the route below the map so I could actually see where on the route I ran faster/slower, uphill/downhill and so on. Brilliant!

I know I've only just started with Endomondo but I definitely recommend it - especially as you can set your privacy levels so other people can't see where you are actually running as it seems to be a bit risky to say "this is where I live, and this is my running route and this is how long I go out for and when etc" to the whole world - although some people do obviously.

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That sounds very cool ... i might look at it down the track. Well done on the 4k in 32.30 that sounds fast :)


Thank you - it's no where near the 5k of that I'm meant to be able to do in 30 minutes but I was still pleased with it.


Ooo-er, he never let me call him 'Endo', guess I'll have to spend a bit more time with him, I haven't worked out how to do the distance marking yet.


I'm sure he'd let you call him Endo if you asked nicely ;-) I didn't do anything special to get the distance - it just did it for me.


Endo doesn't like me, he stopped working after two goes :( Gutted, I now have Noom, he is a bit tempermental too but seems to be doing ok at the moment....little things........ ;)


Oh that's disappointing :-( I hope he doesn't play up with me too!


It's probably my phone to be fair but Endomondo just didn't like me at all, I even paid for the Pro version and it died on me after that :( good luck with him, hope he's kinder to you ;)


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