Endomondo problem

Endomondo problem

have any other endomondo users had any issues with runs only partially uploading? For the second time, mine has had the full run details when I have stopped the app, but later when I check its said partially uploaded, then the next time it has saved half of the run twice. Tonight I did 5.82 km , I screen shot that luckily, but now it says I did 2.5 km tonight, and another 2.5 km tomorrow at 24 minutes past midnight! Not sure if this is an app problem or a problem with my phone? Any ideas! Pic is of futuristic run as it is still June 15 th!

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  • I use endomondo for all my walking/running not had any problems with it my end :)

  • Tweet them @Endomondo

  • good idea but I don't do twitter...might get one of my kids to do it though!

  • Or try this. I was confused because it says 'submit a request', but this is apparently the way to contact the support team:


  • I'm beginning to think its my phone, its doing some other odd things and getting times wrong...the family have been trying to get me to join them with their I-phones but I have resisted and stuck with my windows phone but its not helping itself atm! Thanks for the replies!

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