Xmas run - join the endomondo challenge

For any fellow Xmas runners who use Endomondo.com - you can now join the Couch to 5K Christmas challenge at endomondo.com/challenges/77...

You don't need to use the app - runs can be uploaded from garmin devices or just manually.

Susan XX

EDIT: I've added walking to the challenge now as well, so even if you're unable to run due to weather or over indulgence this will still add to the challenge. :)


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29 Replies

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  • Thanks for that, I've joined. I don't think I'll be clocking up many kilometers though, I'll just be starting back from injury.

  • Thanks BettyJane - it's just a bit of fun, so take care

    (Love Bagpuss BTW)


  • I've signed up :)

  • Just joined :)

  • Just joined but can't see myself on the site! Await instructions -- or do we just go out and run on Christmas Day. Sorry to sound so thick!

  • Hi Delia - I can see that you've joined. Once you've done you're run, click on new workout (top right hand of endomondo homepage) then you can either upload from garmin or enter details manually and will automatically show in the challenge. Hope that makes sense!!


  • Just joined (I think) Is the aim to run as much as possible between Christmas Eve-Boxing day?

  • Following on from this discussion:


    I thought it would be fun to have a way of seeing where everyone ran. Its just a bit of fun so no pressure - just an incentive to get out over the Christmas period and do something.


  • It's a great idea. I hope lots of us sign up, as it's always fun to run, when you know others are out there too :)

  • Great idea Susan as a follow on from my question! A real incentive to get out there.....I think this is the first Christmas I dont want it to snow just so I can go running!!!

    Just joined!

    Sue x

  • ahh, sounds like fun! I've popped my name down but I'm guessing I won't get much of a chance to go for a run on xmas day - still, you never know ;)

  • Just joined. Will be away for Christmas but hoping to get out to burn off some calories in the morning before I overindulge at lunch!

  • This is fun! I just hope I don't mess up technology-wise!

  • :) Already trying to work out if it would I could organise a virtual C25K park run type event.


  • Just joined :) I'm always the first one away on Christmas morning anyway and I get bored while waiting for everyone else, so I'll be out there :)

  • Susan -- how about we all upload photos of us running at a given time on Christmas Day?

  • Feel free! Fingers crossed that the weather stays decent I'll be gutted if it snows now :(

  • It's snowing here on Saturday brrrrr and grrrrr

  • Signed up too....an early morning 5k on the cards

  • I'm in, weather permitting :>)

  • I can't see my name next to my entry... it just says "you" can you guys see me with my name?

    I'm around number 10 with a Keep Calm and Freak out Poster...

  • Don't panic Delia - everyone else can see your name. It says "you" beside my entry when I look at the list as well so must be the same for everyone.


  • Cheers! Freezing cold here, we're sub-zero and I had a great 5K run this morning. Snow due tomorrow, but will hopefully be clear by Christmas, bfn, delia

  • What a fab idea I'll wait till I'm on my pc and join too

  • Have signed up. Hope the weather is OK otherwise would sledging count?!

  • Susan, great idea, count me in :-) Fingers crossed for running weather. FF

  • Hi - I just signed up. I figure I need as many reasons as possible to get out and run at the moment - I don't like cold, rain, ICE etc. Just wishing for t-shirt weather to come back!


  • I doubt that I'll make this after all - haven't run since 12th December due to illness and still coughing now so probably another week before I start shuffling again. Getting very frustrated! Good luck everyone - I'll be (virtually) waving to you.

  • I've signed up :-)

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