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Moving swiftly from B210K to Race for Life

Moving swiftly from B210K to Race for Life

Started second week of road to 10k. Used the running track near me again. Its great no hills of course. Well 18 times non stop round the 400m track plus run to the track and back and I was 10.8k.

Legs are stiff this evening but also squeezed in a 5km dog walk this afternoon

So spurred on and joined Race for life yesterday.

I will be a runner ,the rest of the team walking.

Our team name is the Tickledpink Trotters.

Good name as my feet are sore tonight.

Looking forward to it as I did this last year too.

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Love the name :) And what a great distance!


Well done - almost 11k run and a 5k walk, that's amazing. Do love the team name!


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