Race for Life?

Ive only been on here for 2 or 3 days and already nagging you all with questions! But you are all very kind in answering so thank you in advance. Maybe im still on a high from this morning but i do realise how far i have to go. Is it at all possible that I could apply to do the Race for Life in mid July in Manchester? is that too big a goal?? I would like something like this as another goal as it will help to focus me. The ones nearer to me are in May and early June which is just crazy talk but im thinking I might be able to run most of the 5k by mid July? Even if i cant i could still walk some of it. Do i just need belief in myself or is that crazy talk too and i really need to be further one before I think like this? Is anyone else at the same stage as me and thinking the same thing? x


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13 Replies

  • Do it!! :-)

    It'll be a great goal for you to aim for yourself, and it's a great event to get involved in.

    Race for Life is a brilliant place to do your first 5K - everyone's so supportive and the atmosphere is amazing. Also, (and please don't take this the wrong way - I'm very sure you will be ready to run the whole way by mid July) if you do find yourself having to walk some of the way, you will be in very good company. Lots of people actually walk all the way round. So there's no danger at all of the 'humiliation' of finishing last, loads after everyone else. With all the worries of 'oh no, I'm not a proper runner. I'll stick out like a sore thumb' banished, you can concentrate on finishing and enjoying the day.

    I did it last year, and I'm SOOOO glad I did. Without that last year there's no WAY I'd be even thinking about the 10K I'm doing in a couple of weeks! :-)

  • Thank you for your kind words. You have convinced me to do it. July is enough time away to train and I will fit in the whole course in there. Its given me another aim! :)

  • Definitely sign up but give yourself 9 weeks to train. I've signed up for one on 12th May and I am very very glad i started training when I did. Listen to the programme and do as Laura tells you to do and you'll be just fine!! Good luck

  • I signed up for Race For Life when I was doing c25k and it really helped motivate me and running it a race felt great! I've still got my medal in pride of place on my dressing table....

  • Agree with the above - if you want to do it, you can do it. So just go for it! YAAAY!

  • Course not, just go for it, you can run , jog or walk at Race for Life, so just sign up and feel great.

  • Hey Joanne37, Go for it and sign for Race for Life. I signed up last year to do it this year when I could not even run a minute. Believe me, this is the truth, whole truth nothing but the truth! Then at the end of Feb I started to do C25K, on 27th to be precise. It was very tiring at the beginning but I have come so far and I am to do my W9R2 next. I do 5K now under around 34 minutes. For Race for Life you do not have to run the whole 5K (I try to run/jog under 30 minutes as an aim and a challenge for myself), you can run, jog, run and walk or just walk. So go for it, sign to do it and then do this programme every other day or 3 times a week. You have time to do this if you really want to. Good luck to you!

  • Another one saying go fo it! I signed up for the July Race for Life at the beginning of this programme. Afterwards I worried that I'd never really be able to run 5k but tonight I ran 4.5km - seemed impossible weeks ago. If I can do it, you can too :-)

  • You'll love it and I'm sure you'll surprise yourself.

  • Do it!! Race For Life is awesome, you will love it! People walk, jog, run .... zumba, three leg race, even hula hoop around the course! The atmosphere is so amazing you will be pushed along by the crowd, it is amazing running with 3000 women, very emotional too. Good Luck.

  • I was going to ask the same question myself... I'm starting C25k again, from the week 3 mark, after being out of running for a few months. Found it tough today but came back so motivated to do a race - was thinking of Great North 5k Run in Sept, but might do Race for Life in July, hopefully is enough time to get me back to fitness.

    the support on here is fab, think I've just found the push to sign up!

  • Hey Joanne. I thinks it's a must signing up for a race for life. I did week 1 run 1 of the podcasts and thought without a goal other than completing the 9 weeks am I actually going to carry on with this? probably not.... So I though I needed to give myself a target, a goal, something achievable and fun...... - the answer a local a race for life in July. I've always wanted to do one but my running skills left me stranded....

    I've signed up to cambridge on the 21st July. This means my podcasts will be finished about 6 weeks before the event and it will spur me to keep going and maybe improve on times. I've also looked at the local parkruns and a local running club. Both of these I will revisit once I have graduated from c25k as at present I think even the most patient member of those events would get exasperated with me!

    So do it. Sign up! It's a great cause and even just raising a small amount of money does help!


  • I've done RFL a few years ago and walked so this time I wanted to run it, so started C25K on the 2nd March (just done Wk 8 Run 1 today) and the RFL is July so will have a little bit of time inbetween so looking at doing a few park runs.

    I wanted something to aim for, so go for it!! and like others say you can walk a bit - I'm sure you can do it! x

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