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Day 30 of 50! 5x50 Challenge! ROLL-CALL!

WHoot-Whoot!!!!! :-) We are now into day 30 of our 50 day challenge team!!!!! :-)

Just checking in and doing a quick roll-call! Feel free to post and let everyone know how you're doing. :-)

Steve and I have chosen to do all of our 5x50 experience either by walking or running. Day 30 my little ol' legs are tired but all in all, we are doing well! Our biggest challenge has been the weather since starting. We signed up, thinking Spring was here. NOT!

Real life has been in the way a few times, but so far, we have not not missed a single day of fitting in a 5K minimum distance.

So, how is it going for everyone else? :-) The good, the bad or the ugly, feel free to share your experience! :-)



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Just broken the 200K mark... doing a mixture of various activities, but missing the running. Fingers crossed I'll get the OK from my doc tomorrow for a gentle jog... orthotic insoles seem to be working (at least I've no aches and pains after exercising unlike before).

Looking forward to seeing the result of greenlegs' snipping and pasting of our pics. :D


Quick reminder of earlier thread that some may have missed - I'm collecting photos to do a composite team photo for a 5x50 report that Sue (sbg) has written. Anyone doing the 5x50 challenge can email me a photo - greenlegs7 @ gmail.com (without the spaces). We already have 12 photos. :)

You two are stunning stars, doing all that leg work for 5x50!

I'm still doing exercise every day, at least 30 minutes, but quite a few days have been yoga or strength and flex (partly from being tired as I'm not as fit as you two, but also because my skin keeps flaring up with exposure to wind and sun). And I have done my first 7km run in the past week, so I have not completely deserted running! :) I'm really glad I took on the challenge, as I am so much more active now, which is really good.


A silly question, are you wanting a photo while looking sporty :) or just any photo?


See sample photo thread! Very varied batch of pictures - all welcome!


Present! :P

I've been doing quite well, but as I'm just alternating running/walking I do keep forgetting to walk! So I've been making up the odd day over weekends and such. I have been managing to slowly up the running, hit 7k for the first time last weekend so quite proud of that.

The challenge really has made me think about the exercise I'm doing, and I've found myself going for walks, or walking instead of the bus, to try and up my km :p So it's working on the whole!


I'm up to 175k so really pleased with that. The running is progressing well and I'm nearly back to the 30mins. I have to build on that now as it's by no means 5k and I'm doing the race for life at the end of June. Hopefully I'll have built up to 5 k or thereabouts by then. The rest of the 5x 50 has been walking , swimming, gym and yoga with a bit of vigorous digging in the garden thrown in! Haven't missed a day and I must admit that I am looking forward to a rest day in about 20 days time!!!


I gave a wee update here: couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

I've now covered 338km, all except 6 x "30 minute exercise class" activities (ie 30km) are from running, walking and cycling. I've actually done more exercise as I don't count my daily yoga sessions at home, (except one hour-long session) and only enter 5K for exercise classes even when they last 60mins.

I'm not looking at it as day 30 of 50 for me, as I fully intend to carry on with a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day after the challenge. I had hoped to do this last year, but injury put paid to the running. I carried on cycling, walking and hiking but the fact I wasn't running meant I didn't draw up a training schedule and I didn't push myself so much.

The end of the Challenge is coinciding with my start at a new seasonal job where I'll have to cycle to work some days each week, so the exercise (26km round trip commute) will be part and parcel of my daily routine anyway.


You are all amazing! Go, team c25K :)


The days are racing along :D I am on day 72 today and i have at last nestled into a routine. Mon swim Tues swim Wed swissball Thurs walk Fri exercise class Sat walk Sun run

As you can see there is only one run, and ideally I would take out a walk perhaps Thursday, and run instead, but my knees are creaking and groaning, so I'm going to stick with what I'm doing in the hope that I'll get to the end of the 100 days in one piece! I love reading about everyones challenge; you're all *superstars*.


Here! :P

We've broken the back of it, days are gettin longer, more nice days to run on, enjoying the chat on here, no injury niggles (touch wood), definitely getting fitter, certainly getting stronger and amazed at getting faster!


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