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5x50: It was Spring when I signed up! Mother Nature needs to join the Challenge!!!

I do believe our Mother Nature must be suffering from hormonal changes. ;-) I agreed to join this challenge with the high expectation Spring was here...NOT! It has been bitter cold here with high winds to add to the joy of trying to run or walk outdoors. Has anyone ever died from running and frostbite? :-(

The challenge is going well! Reality soon set in that instead of trying to run a 5K a day for 50 days, we needed to incorporate walking and or other forms of movement in. Our bodies, physically can't handle the daily running. I am at 63K, not counting what I will do today and I believe Steve is at around 67K. We have been trying to honor the challenge in the evening hours, after work but before our dinner. I really feel, if the weather were decent, this challenge would be zipping along. With the bitter cold/wind, its a challenge just to get out the door. That said, OUR TEAM IS DOING FANTASTIC! KEEP ROCK'N IT GUYS!!!!! :-)

We have something very new to the States. Have you heard of a color run? It is an organized 5K run, everyone shows up wearing white shirts. Color is released on the runners at the beginning, end and at every K. The result is a rainbow assortment of runners with "paint" everywhere! If your interested and want to see some pics, you can visit: (tried adding the link, but it went to a different site) We found out yesterday, our City will be having a color run in June. I am almost positive we will be signing up for it. Craziness....first we run...then we pay money to run we are paying money and getting splattered with paint! :-)

I hope everyone is doing great! Thank you virtual cheerleaders for all the shaking of the pom-poms! :-) I can speak only for myself, but as a 5x50 Challenger, I love the support! :-) Gayle

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Think you mean

Looks interesting


Thanks Phil!!!! ;-)


Looks like lots of fun!!!

Hope the weather improves for you soon!!!!!


Totally agree on the value of the support by those waving pom poms on the side, it's so motivating. Also that run sounds so much fun! :)


*Waves virtual pom poms* It sounds like you are doing great, running in wind is so hard & cold wind at that.... Brrrr!

I had never heard of color-run and look forward to reading about how you get on. :-)


I think Mother Nature has been sent by one of our "rival" teams to try and stop us in our tracks but we wont be beaten!!! We are the best!:D

I'm so glad it is going well for you and Steve. I never for one moment thought I would be able to run every day but you are right, if the weather were playing ball it would make it easier.... Saying that though, I have just run the last 2 nights and felt brilliant; lets hope it continues :)

The colour run looks fantastic; I am sooooo jealous that we dont have that over here. Please do enter and post the photos! ;)

Sue x


The colour run sounds amazing, what fun and utter madness!!

You're doing so well, especially since you have to do the 'activity' after work (tiring?!) and in really poor conditions. Keep going :D


Yes, I was reading about color run last week. I live in Belgium and in Holland there is one in June. I am seriously thinking about it, as it is only 5 km and it looks great fun. My 5x50 was going well until today :( Couldn't manage more than 2km walking due to work commitment and commute home, but I am running again in the morning W8R3, and a 18 km walk on Sunday ;) Hope spring comes soon for you. In Belgium it's not too bad at the moment. Enjoy your weekend :-D


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