Final call for 5x50 challenge!

Final call for 5x50 challenge!

The 5x50 challenge (which started yesterday) is still open for new joiners today - so if there's anyone who is still dithering, or who hasn't heard about it yet...

(Some of this is shamelessly stolen from Sue's earlier post.)

We now have 62 (!) members in the “NHS Couch to 5K Team” for the 5x50 Challenge -

If you think you can fit in 30 mins of exercise or a 5k run/cycle/walk every day for a 50 day period then read on, this might just be for you…….

It is not a run every day; it is some type of active exercise for either a 5k distance or for 30 mins. The aim is to try and do something different and change exercise habits for a lifetime but it can include for example your walk to work, the shops, the school. It could be a 30 mins exercise class/DVD/swim. It could be karate or weight training. You can split the activities up over the day so maybe a 2k walk in the morning and a 3k run later on. You can do more than 5k/30 mins but that is the minimum requirement each day.

All of us here have already changed our exercise habits because we now run up to 3 times a week and many of us are already doing some other form of exercise on our non-running days so why not join the Team and log your activities each day to help get our Team's tracked kilometers up! ;) Let’s support Swanscot, our seasoned member doing her 2nd year of the Challenge!!! :) Let’s help our intrepid member TJFlute as she completes this challenge, not for 50 days but for 100 days!!!! :O

It would be lovely to know you were out there with us as part of Team C25K, wherever you are in the world! You can register and join the Team here:

If you are injured or if you think it’s too much to commit to this we fully understand but we would love your support nonetheless, though you might have to put up with quite a few blogs on the subject for a while so please bear with us! ;)

So, I have my 5x50 T-Shirt and I'm raring to go; are you?! :D


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40 Replies

  • Just joined up, your words inspired me! As someone else said it is a good thing to do when you have graduated to keep you motivated. So here we go.

  • So we have 63 now?? !! :-) AWESOME!!! I love that it is also a Worldwide challenge! Its just new enough we would of never heard about it here in the States if not for this Community! :-) Happy, happy we joined!! :-) Welcome aboard loulou!!! :-) Gayle

  • The organisers are currently adopting charitable status for the event and hope to work with other organisations to make the event much bigger and more international in future challenges.

    When they started the first challenge in 2012, they only expected about 500 people to sign up and were rather surprised to get 4000.

  • There! I knew it was worth a last minute try! :) Welcome to the team.

  • One of the organisers, Kelly Mason was interviewed about the Challenge on Radio Scotland this morning. Here it is on BBC iPlayer Radio. It's about 4 minutes into the show.

    BBC iPlayer is only available to computers with UK IP addresses, so if you live outside the UK you'll need to find a workaround.

  • I've just finished listening to it - she did a good job. :)

  • Another C35K member, George42 is also doing this for a second time!

  • So we have two first-generation 5x50-ers then! :) Well done to both of you for being prepared to do it again - I'm still amazed that you took it on when you'd only just finished c25k, and before there was much (any?) mention of alternatives to full 5k distances every day.

  • Oh, there was the option to do 30 mins of any exercise last year too. It's just some of us were a wee bit pigheaded and brashly thought we could run, walk or cycle each and every day! ;-)

  • Aha! - I can see how it happens now... I've only gone and covered 5k (+) each of the three days so far, which I really didn't expect - but I know I need to ease off a bit now, as my resting heart rate has jumped up from 60 on Sunday morning (after 3 days of no running) to 70 this morning. So maybe yoga tomorrow!

  • I think I've joined, not really sure as it thanked me for paying a registration fee when I haven't done anything apart from register my name and todays activity!

    Will look at it again in the morning....

  • Welcome to the team Doggymum!!!! :-) Gayle

  • I didn't see doggymum as a team member. Did you use an ID or your real name?

  • My real name, didn't even think of using my user ID lol :D

  • Doggymum, it did that to me too but you have to click on the challenge bit again in your welcome screen where it says something like 'register for the challenge'. I ignored it for ages because I didn't realise that was the final part of registering. It's not very clear. I thought, oh I've already done that.

  • Thanks for that I shall check it out later, hopefully it will be a bit clearer now!

  • Just found you on the team list! And we are now 66 - were you the 66th?

  • Don't think so, when I looked last night there were 64 members... although unless I can get my registration sorted you could be a member down!!

  • 67 now - not sure where they're coming from, but they are all different. :)

  • I joined a couple of hours ago and persuaded the husband to as well! :)

  • Helen, welcome to you and hubby! I think we are up to 3 hubby/wife memberships. :-) Gayle

  • 64 now! :)

  • Reluctanthusband is about to sign up too! :)

  • Whoo-hoo! I wondered if your Steve was going to join! :-) Gayle

  • He was a bit reluctant(!) but I wore him down! He's already training for the local half marathon in June so he's doing plenty already. We heard Kelly on Radio Scotland this morning and he decided to join the team! :)

  • Wow! Half Marathon!!!!! He must be loving this running business! Tell him way to go and wishing him the best!!!!

  • He's well and truly bitten by the bug!

  • Joined!! Hope not too late!!! X

  • Ps if its not too later i will make sure I do a double 5 this week... It did let me register?! X

  • Oooh sorry ppps! Just realised I did walk the dog for more than an hour on Sunday and Monday ?? yay have talked hubby into joining too! X

  • I can't join up this year because of work commitments, travel and other stuff (and now a poorly foot :( ) but I will be cheering you all on from the sidelines and rushing out with lemon and orange slices wherever necessary :)

  • Ooh, thanks! I really enjoyed that orange slice! Ah, memories of watching my brothers play football at primary school.

  • heh - what else do I need to do as a supporter? I don't think you'd want me to try cheerleading, and my swiss ball routine isn't very good yet :D I'm a bit squeamish so first aid won't be my thing either. But general cheering and shouting support - I can do that :D

  • I think you should balance on the swiss ball and then jump up and down! Waving pompoms. :P Go carefully though!

  • I,m late in joining but have exercised the last 2 days any way so I've registered too. Hope its not to late

  • Not too late at all! Hurrah!

  • My son and I have just signed up, we cycle or run everyday so thought why not, let's see if we can do it without a day off :-)

  • There are only our 2 names is it couch to 5k or couch to 5k (c25k)

  • Welcome to the team. Now we are 70!!!! Hope I don't end up feeling it :-)

    It's NHS Couch to 5K (C25k). Just had a look and you are listed, Clawmum is in the team names, so you are registered OK, assume your son is but don't know as I don't know what he's logged in as.

  • I can see you too - 70! :O Great to have you on the team too. :)

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