Team c25k finale photo for 5x50 challenge

Team c25k finale photo for 5x50 challenge

Apologies to c25k undergraduates - the 5x50 challenge went on from 31st March to 19th May, and a group of c25kers did 5k run/walk/cycle or something else for 30 minutes every day. It was brilliant, and the team rapport really helped to keep the motivation going.

So here's our finale composite team picture. I'll email everyone in it a copy. :)

(For more info on the challenge, which will run again next spring, see )


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24 Replies

  • Sue - do you want to write a bit for 5x50 to go with it, or shall I just put in on the facebook page, with a brief summing up?

  • Well done everyone involved! I was frantically waving the pom poms from the side-lines. I really hope I can join you mad lot next time.

    Major congrats to all of you. You are my inspiration! X

  • Congrats to all - great to see so many C25K members participated , agree very much with Pam you are all my inspiration that I can do this!

  • I know for absolutely sure that many of us that did the challenge really struggled with week 1 of c25k. And now we can do crazy things like 50 days of 30 minutes exercise - and some people even did half marathons, or consecutive days of 10ks!

  • Thank you for doing this! It is a wonderful way to celebrate our achievements! :) I look forward to seeing it on Facebook :)

  • Thank you Di for all of your hard work! It looks fabulous and I am so very proud of our team!!!!!!!! :-) PS...thank you for using my old pic, not the one I posted yesterday. ;-) Gayle

  • Now is that wink because you didn't post one, or because I didn't use it?????


  • Aha - just remembered which one you posted yesterday! :D :D :D

    I'm sure thighs would have looked lovely! Laughing a lot! :D

  • Just not these thunder thighs! ;-)

  • Thanks, Pam! Pom pom waving is very important! :D

    Team photo should be arriving in team members' inboxes very soon. I've sent it off anyway. :)

  • Names for pictures (random mix of screen names and real names)

    Column 1: Gayle; Tati; Delia

    2: Sheila (swanscot);Hazel (sfb); Ros

    3: Willclaw, Clawmum, Scotclaw; Malcy; Pinkhat (in white hat); Sue (sbg)

    4: Conbrio; Frances (getsetgo); Tricia; Wilma

    5: George, Gingernut49 ; Phil; Steve

    6: Gypsydepp; Rockchick; Pastyman (Rob); Rollertoaster

    7: Ann (thinnerandfitter); Theresa (tjflute); Di (greenlegs)

    8: Linda (poppy); Keri (souki); jenniej

  • Thank you so much for doing this!

    Please send me a copy when you have time! Delia xox

  • Love the chocolate and strawberry cake, looks yoummy!

  • The picture is on the facebook page now, if anyone wants to see it better. My hair hasn't changed much since I was 2! :)

  • This is brilliantly done. I like it! Thanks, and ta for the names, too.

  • This is so great, thank you, I really like the style.

  • Thanks Di,lovely photie

  • Your pics at the top really pull it together - thanks! :)

  • I would love to do this but it is slap bang in the middle od term time and the run up to GCSEs and A Levels. As a teacher it is never going to happen :(

  • The first week was in the Easter holidays (though admittedly that does move around a lot!) I'm a teacher too, though not full-time now. Doing 30 minutes exercise every day is a great way to get away from the stresses and have a mental break. When I was working fulltime I know it wasn't healthy the way that I was often working solidly for something like 14 hours a day, sometimes more. Crazy! :O You could always do your own offline version and just do 15 minutes a day or something? Hope you get to do some running sometimes anyway. :)

  • Brilliant. Thank you greenlegs. :-)

  • well done everyone! Please someone prod me next year, I'd love to do this! xx

  • Thanks greenlegs it looks great xx

  • Glad you all like it. It was fun to do too! :)

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