5x50 Challenge - tracking reminder

As some of us doing the challenge will be choosing the 30 mins of exercise as our activity on some days the question was asked by Con-brio on their website as to what distance should be tracked for this as its not measurable in kilometres. The answer is to record 5k for each period of 30 mins.

So for any who have chosen that as their activity but haven't recorded any distance please do so as all the kilometres recorded individually will help increase the overall team's distance covered.

This would include those still doing the C25K program; even though maybe not running for 5k if you are doing 30mins overall which includes the walking intervals too then record it as 5k. Hope that makes sense!

For any who have recorded an activity, whatever it is, please do include your distance rather than leaving blank so it can all be included in the total at the end of the challenge.

Also, the latest team total members is now standing at 59!! Anyone want to take the plunge and make it a nice round 60??! Registration ends midnight tonight!! ;)

Enjoy day 2 everyone :)



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33 Replies

  • So, if for example I did a 1 hour (60 min.) Walk and covered 5K distance, do I count it 5K or 10K? ;-) I can't believe how well your shameless recruiting strategy worked! :-) Although, did we have any admin.sign up? Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress! :-) Gayle

  • Now dont try and be a smarty pants Mrs Hall; I know you have a lovely pink Garmin that tells you exactly how far you walked in 60 mins!!! ;) :D So no falsifying the records!! Maybe I need to amend the wording a bit in case its misleading though.....

    I know, i cant believe that when I originally wrote that first blog there were only 26 members; its great isnt it?!


  • Oh and I never got any replies to my messages to Admin so dont know if any signed up or not.....bit disappointing but at least they didnt kick me off the forum for my cheekiness ;)

  • Well, In that case I'll be claiming 80km the next time I do an 8-hour day hillwalking! ;-)

  • It truly is amazing how this challenge has increased in numbers from last year. When I visited with Ray about our shirts, he said there is even a fiver in the US this year. I think just as C25K is challenging but doable, most people find this challenge the same way. Although finding a minimum of 30 minutes a day for exercise can be difficult, it is possible sometimes if we're willing to part with other things, such as television, internet etc. I even drug Mr. Hall out for a lovely 5K walk last night after our 5K run in the morning. :-)

  • We now have 60!!!!!!! We are the second biggest team!! :) Unbelievable! Fantastic! Now we just have to clock up the kilometres and show we are a force to be reckoned with! ;)

  • so does a strength & flex session (40 mins) count as 5k? Can I really claim 10k today - S&F plus 5k run - oops and a couple of k for warm up/cool down!

  • Yes and yes! Record them as a 30 mins exercise class = 5k and your run = 5k and whatever distance your warm up/cool down walks amounted to if you know. That is what they say so it is correct!

  • Will do, thank you. Think I may just go out again for another walk to add to my total!

  • 60?! Yay! :D

  • I did a 9k walk up the Pentlands today. Still lots of snow and freezing cold.

  • Is it really April?! :O

  • I know, it's ridiculous weather.

  • We had shorts weather yesterday (Easter) here in the US. Today they are predicting snow showers and we need coats! :-( Gayle

  • Shorts?! Blimey what is going on?? :O Seems like this weird weather is affecting many parts of the world.......

  • 61 members now!

    I've started off well, with 14km so far, half run and half walked. I won't be able to keep that up though! Well done on getting Steve walking as well as running Gayle! ;)

    We went out for a family walk today, self, hubby and 20+ daughter, and when we'd been walking for an hour or so (up a steep hill and with snowdrifts, and looking at views) I looked at my garmin and noticed we'd covered 3km (very slow ambling!) - and suddenly realised that I'd *run* twice that far yesterday! I was quite shocked! Somehow it seemed more in a different context.

    Almost all the snow has gone around the village now, but on the top of the hill there were still some deep drifts - great for jumping into, but hard work to walk through! Very strange for April. :)

  • I had exactly the same thought when I walked 5k yesterday with my husband, it seemed like such a long way to run!

  • Same thing happened here! We ran 5K in the morn, then did the 5K walk. The walk seems so much further, and like you I can't believe I can run that far! :-) I had to promise Steve a beer to get him out for the walk greenlegs! ;-)

  • Same thing happened to me today! I am now used to running in km, but I cycle in miles and so I don't really equate the two - my cycle to work is about 4 and a half miles, turns out from logging it for this challenge that it's just over 6.5K - wow! It's not that unfeasible that I could run home from work one day after all! (still seems a long route though to run!) Perspective is everything!

  • Cycling for me today, I must say I prefer running :-)

  • Hi! I cycled today as my calf is still niggling from yesterday - bit of a rest when I got home from work and let my lunch settle down; then went out at 6.40pm; in bracing wind but lovely late afternoon sunshine (message to self - wear sunglasses when sun is out!).

    I decided to ride the very first route I went when I got my bike a few years ago, as that takes me away from the main road onto a nice country lane, then back down the big hill at the end of my normal run to home... Did 4.59miles, 7.38km; so now on 13kms total! :-)

    It's great that the team has got so big, hope everyone remembers to track all the activities (I didn't do the bike ride to the park trying out grandsons Trailgater yesterday, oops!)

  • It is fascinating how many people were inspired to join the team. I walked today since it is my rest day and I was also shocked to see how far I can run. The walk was nice, since the sun was out today and I think my dog will enjoy that challenge as much as I do.

  • Wiggles I love the fact it took you 32 hrs to do your 5k run :-) on your 5x50 blog xx

  • Wow Souki, I knew I was not able to run the 5k in 30 min, but I am sure I would be the first and only one who would take 32 hrs to do it. I think that just made my night, and I prob still will laugh about it tomorrow.

    I have changed it, and on my next run I will try to do it in 31 hours, I prob should bring a tent, so I can get some sleep in between, but then it prob takes me even longer :-)

  • Very funny! That'll up our stats! Apparently this morning I ran 5k in 4 minutes!!! - and the warmup cooldown 1km took 1 minute. I am so speedy now. ;)

    I definitely entered 47 min, but the 7 wasn't displayed for some reason (I deleted it and did it again, but it was the same - and then the deleted one reappeared, so I'd done 10k! I know they've said there are a few glitches they're still sorting out though, so I'm sure it'll make sense very soon.) Good job I'm still on holiday, so I can while away many a happy hour looking at websites. Have you found the facebook page too? :D

  • Haha that's funny, it did make me laugh, I know I'm slow but wiggles takes the biscuit :-)

    5k in 4 mins greenlegs or should we call you green bolt xx

  • 63 now!! :)

  • Have been back on the 5x50 site and logged my little bike ride with grandson yesterday - worked out the route from one of the running sites and it was another 3k! Will also log it on Imapmyride as that's where I store my activities! :-)

    yay for 63! Great work encouragin people to join up from you and Greenlegs! :-)

  • My t-shirt arrived today - in case anyone is still undecided about size, I'm a 14-16 and got a large. It's quite big at the top but more snug over the bum (and quite long). I don't think I could have gone smaller.

    I ran on day 1 and again this morning, and walked yesterday. I'll be adding some walking to today's run to take me over 5K for the day. I do think I need to be careful with the running though - although it's the easiest to do in a way I need to be sure I'm getting enough rest days. I may go for bike or pool tomorrow.

    I feel very proud to be part of our big team - it's wonderful that so many have signed up, especially given that we are all (by nature) new-ish to exercise.

  • I agree about being careful with the running - it's so easy to get drawn into wanting to do more! I want to go out on my bike now, but think it needs to wait until tomorrow, or I'll run out of steam!

  • Just to say that I attempted to edit today's input and deleted March 31st by mistake :x

    I re-entered my distance roughly but it came up with today's date. Oh well.

  • I started the b210k training yesterday. I ran my parkrun route ( killer ) and a bit more in glorious sunshine. Even had to strip down to running vest! Shows how far I have come, being able to run past a field of training footballers and not give a hoot!

    This challenge is great. It has meant plenty of great walks with the family, even my daughter has been getting out there! A run yesterday, so a walk today with family and friends is booked. Its going to be another glorious day here on the midlands. Hope it is for all the other challengers. Good luck to everyone! X

  • Great going Tricia and well done on starting B210K, thats great to hear! :) The challenge is great for getting us up and doing more than normal, despite the running! I am consciously walking more now in place of using the car or bus so its all good.

    Sue x

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