5x50 Challenge

A couple of weeks ago HectorsHouse shared information re the 5x50 Challenge.

What is The 5x50 Challenge?

"The 5x50 Challenge launched in 2012 as a charity challenge encouraging people to run, walk, jog or cycle 5k (or 30 minute exercise equivalent) every day for 50 days with the aim of changing exercise habits for a lifetime. The inaugural Challenge attracted over 5000 participants from 43 countries and raised over £63,000 for various charities. Moving forward, the team behind the Challenge have aspirations to make the event bigger and better year on year."

The 2013 Challenge runs from Sunday 31st March 2013 until Sunday 19th May 2013.


Several of us C25K-ers took part in the 5x50 Challenge last year and posted about our antics here to keep one another motivated.

I've signed up again for this year, but I'm not going to push myself quite as much as last time. I'll be using the "did something else" category once a week and including my 90 min yoga class and maybe an occasional 30 mins aerobic class.

Anyone else joining?



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17 Replies

  • Hi Swanscot,

    I'm not sure yet but definitely tempted. It does seem that some of the ways you can join in are rather unequal - really cycling 5K isn't quite the same as running 5K (let alone swimming - that would take a very long time.....).

    I think I could manage it if I interpret it as a loose "run 5k/30mins or do about half an hour of something else during the day". Like you, I'd definitely use aerobics classes and walks to school as fill-ins on rest days from running or if I do a short run (like a C25K+ Speed).

    How about everyone else?


  • > It does seem that some of the ways you can join in are rather unequal -

    > really cycling 5K isn't quite the same as running 5K

    > (let alone swimming - that would take a very long time.....).

    Yes, they are using "5K" quite loosely when what they mean is exercise for 30 mins (just like C25K does in fact!)

  • I must admit to being interested. Would wearing a pedometer and walking 5k as I go about my daily life count towards the challenge? I think that would feel a bit like cheating! I'd also count my Curves session (35 mins) if I could. I do like the idea of building more exercise into my life and perhaps encouraging my family and friends to do the same. Thanks for the link, Swanscot. I enjoyed reading your blogs from the last 5 x 50 challenge. :)

  • Hi Oona,

    I think the pedometer is OK - if you look at the 5x50 website it says people who walk for their work (postmen etc) are fine to use that activity but they have to keep doing things on their days off.

    I'd like to use it to maybe try some different things (half an hour swimming would have me about halfway up the pool but maybe I could improve). So I'm still thinking about it...


  • Thanks, thinner. I'll have to have a proper read of the website. I did the lazy persons thing and asked questions instead of finding out for myself! Maybe doesn't bode too well for the challenge? Lol :)

  • Hi Oona,

    You made me giggle there... I'm still not sure about this. I'm basically lazy at heart and doing things every day does seem like a lot. I also have the excuse that April-May are my busiest times at work so do I have time to exercise everyday? Or is that just a procrastination excuse.

    Maybe I need to get myself off that couch again and go for it. Might even lose those pesky last 12 pounds that are refusing to budge with Slimming World. I really need someone to do it with.... oh of course I've got all of you!

    Happy Saturday night and I haven't been anywhere near the wine bottle yet :-)


  • I'll do it if you do it, Ann! Btw, I'm on my second glass of recuperative fizz! Busy shopping day! :)

  • Now - am I going to regret this? I'll let you know tomorrow - promise :-)

  • Talking about losing those extra pounds has reminded me that this time I'm going to weigh and measure myself before after the challenge. Last September I meant to do this, but didn't have any bathroom scales as our had broken, but it will be great to see if there is much change after the 50 days.

  • Hi guys, I'll be taking part this year. As I'm practically doing this already - as long as an exercise bike on rest days counts - should be a good way to raise money for charity!

  • Hi kshammas, last year we shared our daily efforts on this site and it was good to read what everyone else was doing.

  • I think I should do it. I have slowly but surely dropped back to doing just one run a week and need something to motivate me again. Thanks for posting about it,


  • I've joined the challenge. I've also started a 5 week one of my own from yesterday because I want to get fit/ lose weight for our exciting family holiday to Sydney! 5k for 5 weeks.

  • Brilliant! It will be nice to share our efforts last year.

  • I've just decided to sign up too - on the basis of 30 min good exercise a day. By the end of March I'm hoping to be a lot closer to being able to do 5k in... well, less than 48 minutes, anyway. Being active every day will be a good way to get fitter for my Race for Life in June. I might see if I can get anyone else at work to join in too. 15-30 minute walk at lunch time perhaps on alternate days.

    Swanscot - is there a 'team' for c25k-ers?

  • I've created a team for us: NHS Couch to 5K (C25K)

    You can opt to join the team when you initially register for the challenge.

    Those who are already signed up can go to 'My Account' > 'Edit Profile' and choose the team from the drop down list.

  • Just to clarify the team name is "NHS Couch to 5K (C25K)"

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