5x50 Challenge – Any more joining our C25K Team?! (We are nearly at 40 members now; could we get to 50?!)

5x50 Challenge – Any more joining our C25K Team?! (We are nearly at 40 members now; could we get to 50?!)

An email dropped into my inbox today reminding me that it was just a week to go until the start of this year’s Challenge; really?? It went on to say that you may be having little niggling doubts about whether you can rise to the Challenge; Gulp!! :O Honestly, I really didn’t have doubts until I read this…… but they kindly included a link to help dash any such thoughts so while it’s windy and snowing outside I thought I would take a read. 5x50.co.uk/news

Anyway, this got me thinking about our “NHS Couch to 5K Team” made up of 26 from this lovely forum and thought it would be nice to try and encourage some others to join us! If you think you can fit in 30 mins of exercise or a 5k run/cycle/walk every day for a 50 day period then read on, this might just be for you…….

It is not a run every day; it is some type of active exercise for either a 5k distance or for 30 mins. The aim is to try and do something different and change exercise habits for a lifetime but it can include for example your walk to work, the shops, the school. It could be a 30 mins exercise class/DVD/swim. You can split the activities up over the day so maybe a 2k walk in the morning and a 3k run later on. You can do more than 5k/30 mins but that is the minimum requirement each day.

All of us here have already changed our exercise habits because we now run up to 3 times a week and many of us are already doing some other form of exercise on our non-running days so why not join the Team and log your activities each day to help get our Team's tracked kilometers up! ;) Let’s see if we can get our Team up to at least 30 Challengers!! Let’s support Swanscot, our seasoned member doing her 2nd year of the Challenge!!! :) Let’s help our intrepid member TJFlute as she completes this challenge, not for 50 days but for 100 days!!!! :O

So where will you be on Sunday 31st March? It would be lovely to know you were out there with us as part of Team C25K, wherever you are in the world! You can register and join the Team here: 5x50.co.uk/register

If you are injured or if you think it’s too much to commit to this we fully understand but we would love your support nonetheless, though you might have to put up with quite a few blogs on the subject for a while so please bear with us! ;)

So, I have my 5x50 T-Shirt and I'm raring to go; are you?! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!



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64 Replies

  • Brilliant blog Sue! I have been wondering a bit, about whether I'm fit enough to cope with it, but now I've reminded myself that I'm probably trying to push my pace up a bit too much with every run (see the blog I did a few minutes ago), it looks so much more manageable.

    I really do want to get to the point where it feels just normal to be doing some form of exercise every day. Running three times a week seems normal now (goodness, did I really say that?!) so I'm sure it's possible to be doing something else on the alternate days.

    I've only just realised it is actually starting on Easter Day. A good way to use up some of the Easter Egg calories! I am really looking forward to it.

    Let's hope it's not still snowing though! :) (It's coming down again now!)

  • Thanks greenlegs, I hope we can recruit some more!

    Yes, I feel the same insomuch that I want exercise to feel normal for every day. I used to do Davina workout DVDs two to three times a week and walk to and from my station more than I do now but that seems to have gone by the wayside over the last few months (funny how running hasnt though?!) so I'm hoping this challenge will be the kick-start I need. Plus, after reading TJFlute's comments we will be losing inches too so yes, another Easter Egg for me please! ;)

    This weather is unbelievable isnt it? It hasnt stopped snowing here all day..... :(


  • Ah, yes, the inches... I thought I might as well do a quick measure, even though weight isn't usually an issue for me. OH! :O I've put on weight and inches since September! Too many treats for working hard with the running - or maybe too many treats while reading blogs?! Suspect menopause has something to do with it too, but more exercise will definitely be a good idea. And, I fear, some of those treats need to stay in the cupboard. :)

    I've just ordered myself a t-shirt too. :)

  • Ha ha! You sound like me! I ran today so another biscuit/chocolate/crisps will be fine as I will burn it off! :O I'm too scared right now to weigh and measure myself as I know it has all gone up but will bite the bullet on Sunday...... Onwards and upwards!!

  • I think I'll order my 5x50 t-shirt this week too. On Sunday, I should be aiming to run about 10-11 miles for my HM training. I reckon that the 5k on the Monday will be a big ask after that but I'm sure I'll manage :-)

  • Wow! You will get our Team mileage up thats for sure! ;) Good luck for the HM!


  • HM was supposed to be tomorrow but has been postponed because of the snow - that gives me a much needed extra few weeks training though :-) Not sure when the new date is yet....

  • I think your '5K' on Monday after the 10 mile run should be 30 mins of stretching (yoga, Pilates, or simply stretching any and all muscles).

  • Yes, needs to be something therapeutic I think. Especially as it now seems I will be running the HM instead...Eeek !

  • So your HM is on Easter Day? How exciting! What a way to start - definitely do something gentle for the next few days then! :)

  • Brilliant blog Sue!!! I first considered this ...then decided no...now reconsidering... :-) Can I join in even if I live in the States? I love Easter candy, so starting off Easter day will work great to burn some of the sweets off my bum. ;-) Gayle

  • Oh, yes, do join in! There are definitely people involved who aren't in the UK - they seem really keen to make it worldwide. :)

  • Absolutely Gayle!! TX-Bluebonnet is on the team,another from Texas :) Yes, burning off all that chocolate eaten....a great incentive to start! ;)


  • **waves**

    I'm all psyched for this challange. :) I'm still keeping up with the strength training DVDs I started about a month ago, and more recently I've gone on some long brisk walks on my non-running days. Hoping to get my bike fixed soon so I can add that into the mix.

    We can do this!!! :)

  • I live in Belgium and asked on the website if it was possible to join, they were so enthusiastic and happy to have me and anyone who wants to take part. I signed up directly.....can't wait to start :)

  • What's the sizing like on the t-shirt please? (Not sure what size to order)

    Looking forward to the challenge but a little nervous!

  • I'm a size 12 top and got the medium. At first I thought it was a bit big but actually its fine - plenty of room,not snug and covers the butt nicely so a good length.

    You will be fine Annie; just split it down into doable portions throughout the day if that makes it easier. We will all be encouraging each other on here I'm sure!


  • I must be losing the plot but you've inspired me..... I just signed up :o) i'm listed as Sarah Nicholson. Hope you don't mind one extra tag along, bring it on !!!

  • Fantastic Sarah! Welcome on board! :) There are 29 now so 3 new Challengers in just 5 hours - brilliant stuff!!


  • OMG! What have I just gone and signed up for? My dog is going to love this ...and so will I when its done. I'm listed as Karen Nussbaum

  • WELCOME KAREN!! Love the fact that we have a doggie member too - wonder if he/she could be registered??! ;)

    Yes, I will love it when its done and dusted too!! :D


  • I just wanted to say make this 30, but for some reason I am to dumb to find the Team, Help and you can say 4 new Challengers :-)

  • Never mind, I think I found it, or I just signed up in a group and people have no idea who I am and where I am coming from :-) Thanks for this great blog, if you would have not posted it, I prob never would have heard about it and would have missed a really good challenge.

  • Wiggles, I see you and guess what - you are number 31!!!!!!!! :) :) Maybe we could get to 35 now......I throw down the gauntlet! :D

    I'm glad I posted it now too; its great to have something new to aim for with a great bunch of people on here. Luv it!


  • Great, I joined the right team. I think its awesome, and since we still have a few days, lets see how many more members we can make join us!!!!

  • Signing up tomorrow when I have time to visit and read more info...no kids/grandkids!!! ;-) I sign up under NHS C25K as my team??? Do I pay anything for registration? Gayle

  • Woo hoo!! :)

    Yes you will be prompted to select a team to join and ours is NHS Couch to 5k (C25K). It is a £5 GBP registration fee going to charity.


  • Hmmm...I will need to see what this is converted to American dollars. Any males joining the team or it mainly females?

  • Its about $7.6 dollars I believe and yes we have males on the team - Phil72, Werpe Runner.......so Mr Hall can join too! ;) :D

  • Hi gdeann this is joe actually surprised by lack of guys on here.maybe its a macho thing.just done wk5 and felt like sharing the good vibe.

  • I signed up yesterday under Andrea Tongue. I'm doing it in Belgium....just across the water so if you see me wave ;)

  • We will be waving Andrea, no doubt about that! :) Welcome to the Team!


  • I'm going to start on May 20th, just once you guys have all finished haha! I won't have any support but oh well ;)

    the practicality of the challenge starting next week just doesn't work for me unfortunatly as I haven't finished C25K and i want to wait until I have finished it and done the 5K+ podcasts, but hope you guys have fun, and let me know how easy/hard you're finding it!!

    good luck! :D

  • Keep watching us then!

    (I haven't done the 5k+ podcasts, and won't be doing a full 5k more than once a week - I'm too slow at the moment, so I'm doing 30 (+) minutes exercise a day, as my way of taking part. If a paralympian can adapt '5k' to make it accessible for her, as described on the website, I'm hoping it's ok for me to adapt it to fit what is sustainable!)

  • No worries at all, its nice to have new challenges to aim for and that is what you are doing! We will still be here to support you ;)

    Thanks for your good wishes; think we may need them! :O

  • Just had a quick peek at the list - there are 32 of us now, and that's the 7th biggest team, as far as I can tell by scrolling through them all! :)

  • Wow! Well done guys! Hope you do well!! :D

  • Thats just brilliant! :) Now there are 33!! They are sneeking on quietly but that's just fine; we are a force to be reckoned with now!! :D I wonder if we can make it to 35 at the very least.........?!

    BTW 30 mins is fine - its within the rules which makes it more doable I think!

  • I hadn't heard of this challenge before reading all this and it seems an ideal way to get me back on track!! I graduated last summer and the running has gradually dwindled over the winter (I'm afraid I'm a wimp when it comes to running in the cold and snow). But I have been getting to the gym and swimming so hopefully the fitness hasn't been affected too badly.

    So I have just joined you all on the 5x50 and look forward to getting back to the regular 30 minutes running (maybe one day I'll even get to 5k!!!). Meanwhile it will be a mix of running/walking and an assortment if other activities!

  • That's fantastic! :) What a brilliant way to get yourself back into running and if you are already doing other forms of exercise it should hopefully not be too bad for you!

    I'm sure you will be back to 5k real soon!

    Welcome to the Team!


  • I've just signed up too - wouldn't it be great if we could get to FIFTY !!!

    I hope to graduate within six months of starting the nine week plan (for various reasons) but have also done a few Parkruns along the way - i know its a bit mixed up but at least I'm exercising more than ever before and that has to be good :-)

  • Brilliant Jan, welcome on board! :) 9 weeks or 9 months, it doesnt matter; as you say, its getting you exercising more which is just a win win situation!

    Wow! Fifty would be flippin' fantastic and I thought I was being optimistic saying 35.... ;) The Team looks huge now on their web! :D


  • This is looking very good! :) Welcome on board!

  • I have just signed up too so that makes 37!

    After an great initial 18 months after starting C25K I had sort of lost my way this year so hopefully this will get me back on track.

    What have I done!!!!

  • Brilliant stuff Fiona!! :) As I said to getsetgo above, its a great way to get back on track with running; I had not thought of that before so I'm really pleased that I posted this blog now to help those who have lapsed a bit!

    The fact that you are still coming to the forum though shows that running is still in your mind so I'm confident you will be fine and lets all post about our progress to help each other when it gets tough! What a fantastic site this is! ;)

    Welcome back!

    Sue x

  • The team looks fantastic....I can't wait to start :)

  • I know!! Brilliant isnt it?! :) I cant wait now either and I hope we can all really encourage each other on here too! Not long to go now.....


  • I've just signed up!! Souki-Keri Hyde xx

  • Don't ask me how but I managed to sign up twice!! I have emailed to have one removed, so it does mess up the numbers slightly :-( trust me, too many g&ts last night x sorry x

  • Ha ha! :D Welcome Souki; we are going to have a blast!


  • I signed up some time ago so have had plenty of time to worry/anticipate the challenge! I had my first (very gentle) run yesterday after being out of the game for a month with the dreaded flu then the snow. I'm hoping to build up to do 5k again just in time for the start of the challenge. Reading about all the other team members has helped me feel more positive about the whole thing, so thank you everyone! :)

  • Its great isnt it Oona knowing that so many are out there doing it with us; makes it feel a lot more achievable somehow!


  • I did last years 5x50 and ended up with 2 months off running after christmas because of foot problems.

    I have already signed up for this challenge and am trying to get back into running.

    Can you join a team after having already signed up as an individual?

  • Ha, I think I go into my profile and can update it, I have joined the team.

  • Thats brilliant George, welcome to the team! I remember from last year yours and swanscot's blogs about this - it was just the two of you from here wasnt it? Wow, look at the team now - growing by the day!! :)

    I have just looked at your profile from last year and you did great!


  • 3 of us did it last year I think, me Swanscot and angel108(?).

  • Just joined!!!! I am number 42!! :-) I'm listed as Gayle Hall/gdeann :-) Let the challenge begin!!!!! ;-)

  • Joined.

  • Joined!

  • Well, I've only gone and done it! I seem to be team member 55. Two less than my age. What have I done? AAAAARGH!

    250km - isn't that 150 miles? Oh No!

    Actually, looking forward to it. As we say up here ... Nae Bother. Now, better get out of bed & actually do something about getting started ...

    Good luck to us all.

  • I have now joined (just in time!) will spur me on in this cold weather!

  • Fantastic Bonnie! You are member #60!! Welcome! That makes us the second largest team this year! :) Yes it is a great way to get going again and gives us something to work towards. Dont forget to measure and weigh yourself because I think after 50 days we should all see a change in our bodies in some way....even if its only the aching! :O


  • Yes George42 I did it too! Am off at the moment as had an Achilles debridement 3 weeks ago. Apparently the recovery is 9-12 months for some reason but seeing surgeon on 29 April so will see what he says then. Can't even put my heel down yet so k ow its going to be a long road. So fellow 5x50ers, wish you luck in this years challenge. It does get addictive. See you next time and also doing the 2014 Edinburgh Moonwalk.

  • Hello

    I've just signed up too....I've lost 17kg since Xmas and am on Wk 8 of Couch to 5K - my big personal challenge is to come out of the obese bracket and into the just overweight bracket by May 18th....I think I may try to raise some sponsors too for charity, if I can properly work out how it all works...better still May 18th is my birthday so I felt compelled to go for it!

    Looking forward to holding your virtual hands!

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