Week 1 completed...(& feeling rather proud!)

Week 1 completed this morning by 7am! Yay yay! Of the 3 runs this week, 2 have been early morning and 1 in the evening. I've found that the evening run was both easier and more enjoyable so will continue to go out at this time.

Looking back, when I got home on Monday am after my first run, I felt sick, ached like crazy and was totally breathless; I did think I was maybe a lost cause! Today I'm feeling good, yes, I puffed and had to dig deep at times but what a difference two more runs have made.

I'm shopping tomorrow for some running shoes and am looking forward to no longer being that Couch Potato!

5 Replies

  • Well done. Once you do that first week and see the benefit from just 3 runs - you're hooked! And each week builds on it - you'll love the feeling of achievement and before you know it you'll be running for 30 mins.

    Enjoy the shopping!

  • Completely agree! The best thing is seeing progress week on week, run on run even. The programme is so well designed, it really does work which keeps you motivated.

  • Well done to you, I run early morning with my dog and I find it puts me a good mood for the whole day.

  • Well done! No better way to celebrate and reward yourself then with new running gear!

  • Well done, enjoy week2

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