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Week 1 completed!


Week 1 completed yesterday evening! Woo! It was both easier and harder at the same time, if that's even possible. I knew what to expect, but I really had to push more than usual to get the run done. I was practically begging for Sarah to say the magic words 'you can slow down now...' at the end of each run. It was not exactly pain, more like lungs, knees and calves were protesting. I was mostly fine all day until I started the run. This is when I really felt it, especially in the knees. I did slow it right down as suggested so didn't cover as much distance (i run a measured path so its obvious), but I completed it! That's all I care about now. I was mostly consistent all the way through this time as well! New shoes via gait analysis are definitely in order for next week. Hopefully, they will help with the sore knees from impact. Didn't think I would be excited to buy running shoes! Thank you so much for all support and encouragement after my last run. Roll on Week 2!

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Yay! That’s the toughest week done - you'll never have to do it again 😀 Nee shoes - lovely! Good luck with week 2!

Well done, you! I'm right behind you. Only done two runs and already thinking about those new running shoes! Lol.

bluepandaGraduate in reply to theslimpster

Yay go you! Just one more run and week 1 is done :D Yes, the idea of new shoes started playing around in my mind after W1R2 too.


Well done. Hopefully new trainers will help, certainly 1/2 days off will. My current trainers are so worn now but I really can't afford £80 atm, however when I graduate a new pair will be bought, I'm going to save up. Kinda looking forward to W2R1 tomorrow, just need my calf to stop cramping up, pulled it while at work on Sat. Keep us posted and well done once again. Only 8 weeks to go!


i start week 1 today.but i tryed tredmill last week and i walked for 1min and ran for 1 min and did 30 mins in total it felt easy .that was my first tim. but to run at the end of 9 weeks for 30min sounds very hard but am going to give it my best shot

bluepandaGraduate in reply to paul1960

Yay go for it! So glad you are starting! Also, that treadmill really is great going!Well done. I find running on treadmil very strange and I feel a bit off balance. I can’t manage much on it. From the looks of it, the program gradually trains you up 30 minutes so we can do it! I agree it seems far away. I love the enthusiasm so do give it best shot. Don’t worry too much about distance and speed at first. I did but it’s just about finishing each run. Go slow, take at least 1 rest day in between and repeat runs/weeks you need to. Keep us posted :)


Excellent going! I enjoyed Week 1, so I repeated it (I also didn't feel ready for Week 2). Keep an eye on those knees. The shoes will definitely help with that. I'm in the same boat :D

bluepandaGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you! Yes, they are feeling much better today after rest. BTW I'm loving your running diary/blog. Nice to read about your experiences x

Hidden in reply to bluepanda

Aww, thank you. I'm writing it mostly for myself but it's nice to know someone else gets something out of it :)

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