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Diagnosed at 43

Hello, my name is Dionne. I have had severe uncontrolled asthma since I was 28yrs old. In 2013 I was diagnosed with Emphysema. I don't need oxygen therapy because of air trapping, instead I use 5 inhalers (Advir, Quvar, Spiriva, Atrovent,& ProAir). I also have to take 10-20mg of Prednisone daily along with Singular & bi-weekly injections of Xolair. Soon I will need a lung transplant so I'm currently in Pulmonary Rehab; and I have to say it really helps improve my walking distance.

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Hi Dionne70

I have finally come across someone simelar to myself I to have uncontrolled asthma I have been admitted to hospital 11 times since December the only difference is I have oxygen and on my last visit referd me to the lung transplant team. It really scares me I'm 46 had asthma since I was 15,

However it started to go down hill 3 years ago when I cought pneumonia now I can barely make a flight of stairs :(

Hope your well



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