Oxegyn at night problems

I have been on oxygen at night for about a month. Almost Every night I find it off. Either I rip it off or forget to put it back on while I use the restroom. I got the pediatric size two weeks ago. I have had more days with that on in the morning but how do u get use to it? I use flownase in the evening but i hate the drainage feeling. Help!!

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  • In the allergy med section there is a nasal lubricant that really helps me (my pulmonologist recommended it), with the brand name of "AYR," but don't confuse it with the sprays of the same name. This product is clearly marked as a "gel" and not "spray." Works really well for me as I am on O2 24/7 and found it very irritating until I began using the gel/

  • I do the same, not that often now. I also use Ayr gel, helps a lot!

  • must try it

  • Wow thanks! I will get that soon!!

  • I will get some

  • I put it around my head, instead of hooking on ears,it works for me, my nurse told me that's what they did at hosp.she worked at, also they make soft canuals, they are a lot more comfortable

  • Very soft Canulas are available very reasonably priced at Amazon.com. I keep on hand $', 7', 25' and 50'. The 50' should only be used if your )2 is constant and not when it is "pulse."

  • thanks l will check it out

  • exactly....it trails behind you then. grab ahold of it so you don't "clothesline" yourself. I've been on it a decade and this helps put the connection behind your neck. I also got soft cannuleas, they really help. USE it and save your lungs I wear it everywhere, to go to the restroom and even in the shower!

  • That did work for a night. Lol i had it really wrapped around me. The nurse said it was a little dangerous too sleep like that. My way not yours.

  • I always put line over top of mattress between matt.and head board, stopped the wrapping for me,I roll all night

  • I just use a 7 ft at might since machine is close to my bed

  • I use AYR Nasal saline spray, it comes in a gel also but the gel makes me sneeze. I tried the pedi nasal prongs but it just didn't give me enough a oxygen. Just make sure you lots of extra tubing hanging over the bed, this way if you roll over it doesn't pull out of your nose. it takes a little while to get used to it.

  • Yea maybe i dont have enough tubing in bed with me.

  • Can you get Ayr at walmart

  • I think I have seen it there, I get mind at CVS

  • I will go and,get around tomorrow since only us oxygen at night and sometimes during day nose gets,dry

  • U guys are great!! Love this support group.

  • This site is very helpful

  • I use singular much better. Good luck

  • Where do you get pediatric canalas

  • Yea i just asked the company that dropped off the machine.

  • I'll try that

  • l have to call them,they forgot to drop me some tubing like they said they would

  • Whatever company deliverso your oxygen should be able to get them for you

  • I use 35ft. At night I place excess hose under my pillow. Usually put the first 7 ft. including where it connects to 35 green tubing. On oxygen 24/7 for 2 years now I'm used to it.

  • I have been on oxygen for three years .That happens to me bout evety night I take the cannula out during my sleep.In time you will get used to oxygen.God bless and breathe easy.

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