Panic attacks at night?

Panic attacks at night?

I have been having a lot of anxiety attacks. Especially at night...which is scary. I wake up and gasp for air.

Anyone else have this problem? I feel like I'm dying when this happens!!

I am not on oxygen, and I'm in Stage 1 copd. The Dr. seems to think I don't need it yet. Could this be just my fear of copd, and what it's going to do to me? I'm SO tired of being tired. :(

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  • I suppose that's a dumb question. I'm pretty certain most of you do have this problem, or have had it in the past. :o

  • Been there, panic and stressed out..until l gave my entire life over to GOD..My whole world has changed since I done this.. GOD is, was the answer..the only true answer for me...entire world has been transferred for the thing's GOD has planned for each one of us that makes us have GOD'S entire blessing,, if we live in the spirit and not the flesh.. ))(/(PRAISE GOD. )))

  • Amen!!

  • wow

  • Wow?

  • ya a beautiful woman and youre docter will be the only person who can answer all of youre problems stage 1 is bad but its so much better than stage 2 yes

  • If your stage one COPD then the future is bright as there are things you can do to slow down the progress. Exercise, a healthy diet and positive thinking. When you panic you tend to hyperventilate and this makes the panic worse. You need to look into relaxation techniques and breathing techniques to help relax you. I imaging I'm on the beach and can feel the warm sand under my feet, as the waves roll in I breath in slowly and as they retreat I breathe out. This technique helped me a lot when I was panicking due to shortage of breath. As for needing oxygen this shouldn't be needed unless your O2 saturation is regularly below 88%. I'm in the sever stages of COPD and my O2 saturation is around 96% when resting. Try to find if there re any support groups you could turn to for help.

  • I used to have terrible anxiety attacks I would actually have to go to the hospital I am now on medicine for it. I hope to quit taking it sometime but am terrified of feeling not being able to breathe. I had to go to the hospital about 8 times in a year. There must have been something going on in addition because they always admitted me. I haven't been in the hospital for 16 months now knock on wood!

  • Hi Phyllis..yep you're gorgeous. Anyway, waking up gasping for air could be a symptom of sleep apnea. Might be worth looking into as many with breathing issues have some form or degree of it.

  • Ask dr. to do overnight oxygen test.

  • I agree with Schmicter, you could have sleep apnea.

    I too am stage 1 COPD. I was tired all the time so my doctor ordered an overnight O2 test (done at home) and found that I have sleep apnea, so we then did the in lab study. I am not to the point where I wake up gasping for air, but my breathing gets so shallow that my O2 level drops dangerously low, it hit 74% at one point. I am now sleeping with a CPAP machine and I am doing much better.

    I highly suggest a sleep study.

    Please let us know how you are doing.

  • Thank you to everyone who responded.

    I am wondering about sleep apnea also. Actually, I believe I have had some sort of sleep disorder since I was a young child.

    I am also...this morning...noticing a tight feeling in my throat. I have read that this can be due to anxiety. Is it also a problem with Copd?

  • l had that sleep test and l am border line so they say so l have oxygen at night

  • I take one lorazepam at night for panic attacks and occasionally one in the daytime if there's something that causes me to feel panicky it helps a lot

  • I take a Klonopin at night, but it seems to make breathing worse. :(

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