Newly diagnosed COPD

I had gone to one Pulmonary Dr June 13. He said I should get oxygen and come back in a month. My oxygen level had registered 54 and my feet were so swollen. My niece had changed my appointment with my primary Dr to that same afternoon. I told the PA about my oxygen level that Morning. She said if my oxygen level was that low she was calling 911. I ended up being in the hospital for 5 days. Found out I had pneumonia, 2 swollen nodules on my thyroid and loads of other crap. I am now on oxygen 24/7. June 13 I had my last cigarette. I have been through the wringer since April. More on that later.

I am a single 64yr old woman presently staying with a sister

Things can't get much worse or can it. 😻

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  • I think I would get a new pulmonary Dr. The fact that he let you leave his office with an oxygen level that low is scary. Thank God you had that other Dr.i really think you will see improvement with the proper meds. And oxygen

  • Amen to that. I smoked for 30 years and quite about 5 or 6 year ago . Went to the doctor and he informed me I am using 25% lung capacity with stage 4 severe emphysema. I am having a lot confusion and anxiety with this. Looking to try something different! Any suggestions?


  • I am still skeptical but I think it helps especially with breathing meditation and mindfulness. I use apps Calm and Headspace. I will be checking out others. We all say hang in there

  • They sure can for sure, you could be in a nursing home with no sister to help you.

  • bless i tell you whot its a good job they got you in to hospital are ya would not be here now wow you must have got someone looking down on you ,im not religouse i carnt even spell it ha ha

  • I agree with others, get a new pulmonologist, and be thankful that you have family to help you. How are you feeling now? Hopefully you are doing better? Being on the O2 should help you tremendously.

    I hope you are feeling better.

  • Got new pulmonary Dr that I had met in hospital

    Is everyone on oxygen?

  • alot of ppl dont' require oxygen even tho they have copd. i was in the sixties on the oxygen once and the doc had a fit. Said that's not even enough to regenerate brain cells. Doing damage to your organs. I'm stage 4 very severe oxygen 24.7 and 26% lung function. the only thing that saved me was pulmonary rehab. be sure to check into it. good on quttings cancer sticks. dont ever even consider them again. you new life is going to be so different but it can be long and fulfilling if you take control and do what it takes

  • Believe me they can.

  • It can Always be worse. Forget that. It's not gonna be like before but you'll get through it. Hang in there.

  • Has anyone gotten off oxygen after being on it 24/7? Also how do you manage your oxygen. Do you use tanks or backpack or both? How about traveling?

  • l use it only at night but my dr. told me l could use it when ever l feel short of breath.and if l went to visit family oversea he would help me with that.

  • l am on oxygen only at night,l had a sleep test and they found. out that my oxygen went down when l slept.glad you are doing better,just take it easy

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