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Living With Dust - A big Problem

HI all,

Just joined the site because I have recently had a major exacerbation and have finally decided to do something about my lifestyle. I am going to start Yoga and maybe Tai Chi together with sorting out my general fitness and diet. So may be looking for help and suggestions from the forum if that is not too presumptuous.

I am British but currently work in the Middle East and have also worked in another bad region for pollution (Moscow Russia) which was where COPD was first tentatively suggested with it finally diagnosed here in KSA. My doctor is good and helpful when I see her but I try not to go too often and usually only when I need to stock up on meds. Being here makes it easy to neglect the doctor because all the meds are available over the counter.

The biggest issue I find here is the general atmosphere - Dust (sand) everywhere and all the time with a sprinkling of Petroleum pollution as well both from production and from cars. It seems as though my best course of action would be a return to the UK but financially it would be a big stretch. .

Anyway enough for now so just want to say hello to all here

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Hi Andy, I think the changes you are going to make will make a big difference to your well being and breathing. I had relaxation techniques years ago and I still use them today.

Any changes you can make will help, exercise, breathing exercises, yoga and Tai Chi, will improve your overall well being.

COPD can cause depression, but all the changes you plan to make will keep the depression away.

The sooner you start the sooner you will feel the benefits.

I wish you well in everything you do.

Take care



Thank you Steve - Having been in denial for the last 4 years (although I took the meds) I think I got around the depression bit. My biggest issue has been returning home to the UK from the Middle East for vacation everything seems to go away. Breathing is easy endurance is great and I feel fantastic:) getting back to work and everything gets back to the way it was, for a long time I blamed the breathing issues on the sand and pollution. The last exacerbation finally brought it home.

Thanks Again


Hi Andy, it sounds like the sand, dust and pollution are your main problems, there's only one way to stop them lol.

As much as you try and improve your well being, these aggravating pollutants are always going to be there.

Is there no way you can be based back in the UK, or maybe somewhere warmer where there is less dust etc?

Take care



Unfortunately being of an age the nest egg is an important factor so getting as much as I can as quickly as I can :)

The salary base is probably the same I could get in the UK but here is Tax Free and get uplifts for additional hours and hardship. But working on it - quite fancy Sakhalin Island for a while or better Alaska although the cold might be an issue:)

Yesterday bought some surgical masks so going to give them a try to see if they make a difference.


Yes the masks should help.

I wanted to carry on working for a few years, but sadly looks like I'm not going to be able to.

COPD is a progressive disease, so please take care.

I wish you well and hope you find a working environment that you can live with.

Kind regards



Thanks Steve, I hope things do not get too bad too quickly for you.



I am very early stages luckily, I just seem open to infections, still looking for an inhaler with little or no side effects.

I am adjusting to not working, after 50 years of getting up early! Its not as easy as people think!

Take care.



I felt the same way about building my nest egg. i was a single mother and worked in a manufacturing field for 15 years. I was exposed to toxic chemicals and asbestos wiring w/ it flying in the air. Long story short, since age 55 i have had very severe COPD and am oxygen 24/7. I struggle for breath all the time. There are other reasons, like smoke inhalation but if I could go back in time I would have changed jobs. The hit I took to make a decent wage was just not worth it to ruin my health. Just saying, something to ponder over. Good luck. exercise, eat right, hydrate, maintain a positive attitude, it gets worse as time goes on. i'm 66 now and it's harder to breathe all the time. I have to have an oxygen backpack tethered to me when i go out away from my concentrator.


Hi Andy

I know what you are going through. I live in West Indies and the treatment is next to nothing. Each doctor has a different idea of meds I should take "as needed". No regular routine. I want to sell my house and return to UK or Canada -- dual citizenship -- but difficult to see house and I cannot afford to give it away. The rain and humidity is making day to day living difficult as is dust, farmers burning their fields and insecticides sprayed everywhere. I hope things work out for you. All the best.


The most important thing must be your health and well being


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