Canned Oily Fish

We are constantly being told by the health professionals to keep the fat content of what we eat down, but we are told we can eat oily fish. Because I do not eat fresh fiish at home because (a) the smell, and (b) the bones, I buy my fish tinned. I regularly buy John West Kipper Fillets in brine which I rinse before eating believing it had a low fat content. However, today I looked at the can and the fat contect of 100g drained is 16g of which saturates 3.7g and polyunsaturates 3.3g of which omega 3 1.2g. 16g to me looks rather high and I find it very confusing as which are the "right" or "wrong" fats. In addition, I also bought a tin of herring fillets in tomato sauce the total fat content of which is 28.6 per can!!! Saturates 4.8g.


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  • Thanks Traci I don't think my fat intake is as rigid as that, but it still doesn't help me with so called "healthy" tinned oily fish.

  • I must be doing something right, because my last "finger prick" tsst showed up as 4.38 total cholesterol

  • What medication are you on, Traci?

  • Fenofibrite and dispersible aspirin

  • Hi hansi, Oily fish is the secret weapon against furred arteries. Any natural oils from fish are good for you. It is the saturated fats that are saId to be the villains (I still think the jury is still out on this but that is MY opinion) !! As your results are so good I wouldn't worry and keep buying your favourite fish. Perhaps you could try some of the oily fish in water just to ease your mind a bit. Did you get your breakdown of your figures when you had your test? How is your HDL? The oils in fish are HDL's best friend! All the best

  • Traci, I have Type 3 which is different from FH, hence different medication

  • If that is so, why aren't we on the same medication? I have never taken statins, yet you do.

  • Hi patch. I always buy the fish in brine or tomato juice apart from tuna which is in spring water. I just get confused by the fat content. It;s difficult to know which are the goodies and which are the baddies. My last figures were:

    HDL 1.06

    LDL 3.3

    Tri glycerides 2.8

    Total Cholsterol 5.6

    I go for another check up next month.

  • Isn't it the omega-3 fatty acids that are meant to be so good for you in oily fish. I try and eat a couple of cans a week, but sometimes in the colder weather, I just don't fancy it...theyare so cold and grey and well..oily.

    My reading tells me that omega 3 fatty acids reduce triglycerides, but your dietician must be giving you the right advice Traci.

  • We are often told not to eat pork, beef, etc. because of high cholesterol content, yet fish tends to be even higher.

  • Pork and beef is all saturated fat. The majority of fat in fish is unsaturated or has high polyunsaturates and omega 3 which is "good" fats

  • Have you checked what you've been told hansi? Pork fat is nearly two thirds unsaturated for instance.

  • If that's true, why do the doctors tell you to stay away from meats, particularly pork fat.

  • That's an excellent question hansi. What baffles me is why they tell you to eat processed cr@p that we didn't have for 99% of our species' existence?

  • I do not know about everyone else but i do get so confused over what to eat because it is good for me and what not to eat because it is bad for me. Then there is the ambiguous food labelling to decipher when you have decided what to buy. Or maybe it is just me because all my medication is frying my brain!

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