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My longest run so far

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I used the NRC guided run "Running In The Dark" not because I was running in the dark but because it's a 48 minute run :D My previous long run was 45 minutes so I didn't want to push too far.

I enjoy the chatter in my ear and Coach Bennett keeps me going. It was hard this morning though. The weather was cool, no-one about at 6am.

I almost stopped at 30 minutes as my legs were heavy, then I thought just carry on to the 5k. I kept pushing myself, another few minutes and see how I feel then it was only 5 minutes left to run so I carried on. My pace slowed down considerably over the last 2k but I did it and was so glad I'd kept pushing.

Hopefully it will be a bit easier next time I try.

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Well done on your longest run! 🙂It definitely helps to really drop the pace when running further, especially if it’s a distance you’ve not run before.

The NRC podcasts seem really popular on here - something I must try one day!🙂

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Well done on your new longest run. Great pace. If longer runs are feeling tough try slowing down from the start. Happy running 🤗

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Chrimson51Graduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Thanks, I'll give it a go on my next long run. I don't usually think about my pace, I knew I had slowed down towards the end but didn't realise by how much until I got home and looked at the stats.

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If you're doing longer runs, it's best to try to keep the pace slow at the start so you don't run out of energy too soon.

Well done! Next week you could do 53 minutes.

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Chrimson51Graduate10 in reply to nowster

Thanks, I will probably try the same distance again and maybe get a better run next time. I think going slower at the start will help.

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That sounds a bit like me “oh my legs are heavy” “oh i’ll carry on a bit longer” “ oh look I’ve done it” 😀and that’s what gets us through our runs

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nowsterGraduate10 in reply to WillowandSola

Sometimes you get your second wind after a period of doldrums in the middle of the run.

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Chrimson51Graduate10 in reply to WillowandSola

I love it when you realise you've less time left to run than you already have run. It's like running downhill 😂

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WillowandSolaGraduate10 in reply to Chrimson51

Yes it’s a great feeling, when I ran my first 10k I was running along thinking 4k ooo if I keep going for 5 then turn round it’ll be 10k by the time i get back even if I have to walk home, and each k marked off made me smile and realise what was possible

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Well done on your longest run so far 😁👍I was also out at 6am, it was so nice at that time 😁

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Well done! Isn't it great to see those distances getting longer and longer 😃👏👏👏 I'm also a fan of NRC guided runs, they've really helped me keep going 👍

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