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My longest run so far 😊

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Morning All 😊

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend 😊

I have just completed a 7km wasnt terrible quick but i was ill in the night having eaten a takeaway that my soon-to-be-ex pretty much forced me to eat!!!

It was pouring with rain when i left the house...but it stopped eventually & i enjoyed it other than the fact that i was not feeling too great!!!

I am actually quietly chuffed though 😊

29 Replies
Sweatyfaced profile image

Well done you, especially while feeling ill! Hope you feel better soon! Xxx

in reply to Sweatyfaced

Thankyou 😊

O505k profile image

Well done, takes a lot of determination to go out in pouring rain.

in reply to O505k

Thankyou 😊 funnily enough i really dont mind running in the rain...i find it quite invigorating 😁

AndG profile image

That’s brilliant well done! You should feel v pleased with yourself! I am looking forward to saying I have run 7k one day!

in reply to AndG

Thankyou very much 😊 it was slower than usual but i guess you cant have it all ways 😁

AndG profile image
AndGGraduate10 in reply to

Looks like u had some hills tho and it’s a longer distance so you used your energy efficiently so you could run further! . You are a lot quicker than me!

in reply to AndG

I guess so...theres lots of hills here due to cycle paths & lots of underpasses...they go down under the road then inevitably back up again...which is always a bit of a killer!!!😣

Uphill-downhill profile image

Looks perfectly quick to me, my 7k yesterday was decidedly slower than that, well done you πŸ˜€ πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

in reply to Uphill-downhill

Ah thankyou 😊 forward is forward though...& 7k is a good distance so well done 😊

Well done for getting out and for doing 7k! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻

in reply to Catbee

Thankyou 😊 feels good to have got that far 😊

SaskAlliecat profile image

Yay! Nicely done especially given you weren't feeling well. You should be very pleased!

in reply to SaskAlliecat

Ah thanks 😊 i am pretty pleased to have done it 😊

Oldfloss profile image

Chuffed you should be.. that is a brilliant run:).. and it was quick!!! Blinking quick.. took me over an hour to do my 8K yesterday :)

in reply to Oldfloss

Thankyou lovely 😊 i am pleased i got it done but struggled a bit!!!my mind was in it 100 % but my legs were so heavy all the way round!!!

Oldfloss profile image

Half way there then... the legs will soon catch up with the mind set...:)

in reply to Oldfloss

Lets hope so 😊

I'm trying to think of a takeaway I would have to be forced to eat.

in reply to SlowLoris

Haha πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ ironically its him still being here & the way he is behaving that is making me feel stressed & nauseous & unable to eat so yesterday was a double whammy!!!😣

SlowLoris profile image
SlowLoris in reply to

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Anthie profile image

Brilliant run!! With all those hills, if you carry on like that, you're soon going to train for trail ;-) I'm going to work on a little elevation (but nothing compared to what you have as everything is very flat where I live) for the next routes after I reach 10K and I'm sure I'll find it very tough.

I would love some flat runs πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ some days its a real.struggle!!!

I like that bit in the film What Women Want when they’re working up the advertising theme for sportswear, all around the reliability of β€˜the run’ vs the fickleness of relationships! Anyway, sounds as though the running is helping you through a tricky time - i hope the β€˜rocky road’ gets smoother soon!

in reply to Gillma

Thankyou 😊 running is definately benificial for many reasons 😊

That’s amazing. I’ve never been past 5k so to think you did 7 when not feeling your best is admirable πŸ‘πŸ‘

in reply to Vish-runs

Thankyou 😊 i will enjoy it more another time once i am feeling better 😊

MikeJones68 profile image

Nice run! That's the same distance I do on my longer run of the week. You're getting faster too!

in reply to MikeJones68

Thankyou 😊 there's hope for me yet 😁

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