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Things I thought I would never say

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In the last few months, as I have transformed from a lifelong couch devotee to a runner, I have frequently had the experience of saying words that make no sense coming out of my mouth. "I got up early morning to fit a run in." "I did my first parkrun." "I bought a bike."

Well this week, it happened again.

I joined a gym!

As the nights get longer, the weather gets colder and the opportunities for evening running have all but disappeared, our brand new local gym with swimming pool became the only option. The pure irrational terror at the concept of attending such an establishment was finally overridden, and I attended my induction session this morning.

I tried out the treadmill, my first time ever, and quickly got used to it as I churned out a trial 1km run.

I now have no excuses again. This is a good thing. I think.

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It can't be a bad thing if it keeps you going 😊


Good for you IAmCharliemouse ...Personally I don't like the gym and was a member of my local one for yonks, paying the monthly fee but never attending, just using the pool once a week so I cancelled it, worried that I may have made a mistake but it has made me go outside...and I love being outside...even in the snow now...!!! You see, you're not the only one with strange things coming out of their mouth!!!! So we all do whatever it takes to keep on keeping on...and that's the main thing...whatever is best for you...Here's to winter running whether its outside or in!!


It's good to go a bit outside of our comfort zones, it's part of how we grow as people. Well done!


I can totally relate. I found myself getting up at 7 am on a Saturday morning to do one of the C25K runs. What about my Saturday morning lie-in?? Didn't want to - body and brain were saying get up you lazy so-and-so.

However, so far, I've really enjoyed evening runs. I bought some leggings (which make me look like a bloomin' ballet dancer!), and a long-sleeved top that I wear over a running T-shirt, and so far it's been fine. I have a hi-vis vest on order that will go on top to make an extra layer.

I also go to a gym, and use treadmill, but as there is no breeze to cool you down I find the sweat really pours off!


I too have recently joined a gym... and have now extended my PB for treadmill running from 5 minutes to 60! I intend to run outdoors as much as possible as I work from home so daylight isn’t an issue... but when my daughter is also running she gets very bored when I’m doing my long run... now she has spin bikes, running in deep mud simulators (they may have another name) and some torture devices with weights in them to play with while I run.


Hey Charlie, you'll have to keep us posted how you perform on the treadmill as opposed to outdoors, I've always been curious about this as i've only run outdoors since the c25k. I might do a couple drop in gym sessions over the winter period myself when I really get desperate xx

And totally get it on the never say never! Haha!

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I'll keep everyone posted, don't worry.

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