I would never have imagined --

I would never have imagined --

on the 9th April this year when I finished my 3rd half marathon in 2 hours 23 mins at age 70 , that one month later, my 101st parkrun at Fountain Abbey UK would be my last run for year 2017!!! It has been a long time since then - struggling with a broken bone in my foot which has been very slow to heal. I have discovered lots of other things in the meantime- my local gym, walking (not running) parkrun, cycling. In reality, so many things that I am now wondering how I will fit future running into my new life. My last xray one month ago showed that finally some part of the fracture is healing and I feel that it has progressed further since then. I think that I am on the cusp of starting over again - but want to force myself to control the urge for another month or so until the New Year. We have a local double parkrun on NYD which I ran last year and will walk this year - after that I will restart on my running journey - I think I will get back to running for 30 minutes non-stop over a couple of months on the treadmill at the gym - I have done a few 10 minute slow runs on it and it feels a lot easier/gentler than when I have tried running outside. After that I plan to do C25K all over again and hopefully finish it in time to do a parkrun in Southampton in early May . That would be my 4th International parkrun. Life is still good :)

INSERT PIC - walking parkrun with poles.

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  • Great news on the x-Ray Bazza. Great photo too πŸ™‚

  • Great photo. Good news that you are doing well!

  • Great to hear your foot is healing up Bazza, and that life is still good

  • Good luck Bazza, and well done for keeping active despite your foot.

  • Isn't it amazing how life can take a sudden change in direction and how this can open new doors! I admire the way you have faced the challenge with such a positive outlook. Good news about the xray. Will be interested to hear about your progress in the new year 😊 oh, and great photo too!

  • Fantastic news Bazza let us know when you are at Fountains again Rita and I wil run with you.

  • Good that the bone is healing - your exercise isn't impeding the healing process I hope Bazza. 8-)

  • Wow! As a fellow 70-year old, you rock!

  • I'm glad the foot is healing, Bazza. You're right, you never know which turn life will take - but I'm glad you have your comeback planned. Here's hoping you can fit running back into your life :)

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