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Did I say I’d never felt stiff?!


Turns out that if you do no running (or anything else) for a month then go out for a 30 min run you might just feel it! Not enough to stop me going out again today though. I’ve decided to stick to about 30 min so that I keep it fun (was beginning to lose that) and I’m still managing about 4K even if I allow myself to walk a bit. I’m a stickler for following rules and while I was on C25K I did that. Once I finIshed I became ruled by numbers (and envious of my fellow graduates). I’m now making my own rules

3 times a week

30 min (ish)

Have fun

I’ve not ruled out greater challenges but just not yet!!

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That sounds like a good plan. It is so easy to get caught up in what everyone else Is doing (been there, done that, got the t-shirt 😀) that you forget what is right for you right here, right now. Enjoy your runs

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Thank you. My wardrobe is full of t shirts! 🤣


Only way to go.... be your own boss, drive your own goals based on YOU. Perfect.

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Cheers. I’m hoping that the more relaxed me will find the energy for future challenges. Maybe even sign up to your plan. I’ve hidden it away just in case! 😆


Welcome back to running again Sybilw, and enjoy those 30 minute journeys. 🏃‍♂️😃

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Thank you I will do and with a bit more planning (now that schools are back) I’ll get the little ginger one to join me again.


Sounds like a good plan, and you can change it whenever you feel like it.

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