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Misty Morning Mooching


Well Autumn's looking better and provided a moody misty morning for the first run of half term (if you discount Friday evening's ragged intervals purposely undertaken to assuage the guilt of the wine and take away that followed 😉).

So I've started Sunday with a mellow mooch along the canal and a return journey along the Thames - a good test for my new thicker winter leggings (White Stuff sale bargain 😊) and time to reflect a bit on my running over the last couple of months.

All a bit lacking in focus and very damp - but in the madness off Autumn Term 1 I have run 3x a week in all but one week and have discovered some new local trail routes.

Think between now and Christmas I'll aim to do the same and maybe look to improve on my best 5k time as a specific goal.

Hoping for a few more daylight runs this week.

Happy running everyone

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Wow Debs, I am so impressed that you have continued with 3 runs a week in term time - I know this can be hard for teachers (but necessary stress relief, right?!) Mini goals are good for motivation, and improving on 5k time is a good one. Mine is running longer distances, sloooowly, and (fingers crossed) without injury. Plus I am going to maybe (still undecided) try a race of some sort.

Love the leggings!

Sadie-runs xxx

DebJogsOn in reply to Sadie-runs

The leggings were good - a bit thicker so just right for winter.

Running is a definite stress management strategy now. I really miss it if I can't get out there - it really helps me to feel in control of things and put the frustrations in perspective. Interestingly in talking about it at work we've discovered quite a community of runners and two more have recently completed C25K so there's lots of exchanging of tips and ideas. Our IT technician is, we've discovered, a believer in the benefits of barefoot running which has caused lots of debate!

Given that I'm fast approaching my C25K graduation anniversary I think improving my 5k time seems like a good goal - 30 mins is still a way off though!

Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to DebJogsOn

Same at my workplace – loads of runners! And funny you should mention barefoot running. I have just read "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall - he is a huge advocate of barefoot running. It was a really interesting read, and I was pretty convinced, but still too scared to go to minimalist shoes . 😱 Sure as hell won't be running barefoot through the streets of London anytime soon either!

Ooooh, anniversary celebrations soon then!

DebJogsOn in reply to Sadie-runs

😂 - yes can't help but notice most barefoot runners live in warm places.

Might have a go when next somewhere warm and wonderful (like on holiday!).

Not sure how best to celebrate a year from graduation - other than running somewhere lovely.


Well done Deb, running three times a week and teaching , phew that’s hard!! But also good for the head I guess?? It’s also good to have a goal in mind if you feel you’re just drifting, that’s what I did when I took on Ju-ju’s 10k (which I still haven’t managed!!) ...happy autumn running in this beautiful weather Deb x

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